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they love trees

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What is the lifespan of a ladybug?

Ladybugs live 2 to 3 years.

How do ladybugs wings work?

you're mom!!!!!!!!!!! heehee

What ladybugs are rare?

orange ladybugs

What or ladybugs lifeecycel?

what are ladybugs lifecycle

Do ladybugs have pincers?

Ladybugs do have pincers

Are ladybugs carnivores?

YES! ladybugs are carnivors

Are ladybugs omnivores?

Yes, ladybugs are omnivores

Can ladybugs be pets?

no ladybugs cannot be pets

What can i feed ladybugs?

LadyBugs Eat Aphids

Do ladybugs have a jaw?

do ladybugs have strong jaws

Are ladybugs consumers?

ladybugs are consumers :D

Where the ladybugs are from?

Ladybugs come from the U.S. and Asia

What are conclusions about ladybugs?

Ladybugs are the awesomest ever!!

Can ladybugs harm you?

no but some kinds of ladybugs do

Do ladybugs have wings?

Yes ladybugs have wings.

Are ladybugs oviparous?

Are ladybugs oviparous

Will ladybugs eat ladybugs if they have to?

Yes, ladybugs will sometimes eat the larvae and pupae of their own kind.

What kind of ladybugs bite you?

the kinds of ladybugs that bite you are yellow or orange ones.

What is the ladybugs speices?

I'm not exactly sure of the specific species, but their are three kinds of ladybugs. The red ladybugs, the yellow ladybugs, and the orange lady bugs. The red ladybugs are harmless but the yellow and orange could be poisonous.

Why is a ladybug an insect?

Ladybugs are insects because all insects have 6 legs and ladybugs have 6 legs, making ladybugs insects. Also ladybugs are carnivores

How do ladybugs look?

You have to look under a microscope to see the eyes on a ladybug, but they are there, and they work just fine

Are ladybugs multicellular?

Yes, ladybugs are multicellular organisms.

What are ladybugs eaten by?

Some birds eat ladybugs.

Do ladybugs have good eyesight?

ladybugs are actually blind.

Do ladybugs eat ants?

Ladybugs do not eat ants.

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