How does a magnet finding glass work?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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magnets cant find glass unless the glass has iron essence in it or has been rubbed up against magnetic metal a lot.

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Q: How does a magnet finding glass work?
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Can a magnet break glass if you put two magnets in between it?

That depends on the strength of the magnet and thickness of the glass.A regular magnet may work through a thin piece of glass, however a weak magnet will not work through a thick piece of glass.

Does glass move away from magnet?

No! there's no magnet attraction between glass and metal, I don't think the glass wont do anything.

Is window glass attracted to magnet?

no, glass isn't magnetic

Can a magnet move a paperclip inside a glass of water?

Yes. Neither the glass nor the water shields the paperclipfrom the field of the magnet.

How do you separate iron and powdered glass?

with a magnet! powered iron will stick to the magnet laving the glass behind

How do you get a paperclip out of a glass using a magnet?

you put the magnet by the paperclip and it goes up

How do you get a paperclip out of a glass without using your hands?


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What to use to get a pin out of a glass of water?

-- A magnet would do it. If you work slowly and carefully, you might even accomplish it entirely from outside the glass, without ever dunking the magnet. -- If you don't need to keep the water, then you can pour the whole glassful through a filter, such as a paper-tower or a dish cloth. The filter will catch the pin.

Procedure to separate iron fillings and powdered glass?

Use a magnet.

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