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well the meteor would be sucked in by the earths gravitational pull

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When a meteor hits the Earth it forms a crater.

dk meteor as in dino killing meteor

A meteor in space is called a meteor. When it reaches earth its a meteorite.

A meteor does not produce light, a shadow on the Earth is caused when the meteor blocks the Sun's rays. The meteor does this when it is placed in between the Sun and the Earth, this is called an eclipse.

Correction! Actually a meteor that impacts the Earth is called a meteorite

Another name for a meteor that is visible from Earth is Meteoroid.

This kind of meteor is called a meteorite.

It is called a meteor impact.

A meteor crashed into the earth and wiped them out. A meteor crashed into the earth and wiped them out.

Force of gravity pulling the meteor to Earth. Force of air resistance slowing down the meteor like friction.

It becomes a meteor when it hits earth's atmosphere.

The meteor came plummeting towards the earth.

Forces of gravity ( gravitational force) pulls the meteor to earth

A meteor hit the Earth in the Ural mountains of Russia, near the city of Chelyabinsk, in February 2013.

No the latest meteor to hit was 2004 Australia .

meteor showers happen when earth enters the tail of a comet.

It can be any size. Depends on the size of meteor that crushes The Earth. If meteor is big, meteorite will be big but smaller than meteor. Imagine that the meteor of size of the Moon crushed The Earth. Until it burns in the atmosphere it will become smaller and t hen crush. But it still will be big. And now imagine a meteor with size of Empire state building. That is going to be quite small when it crushes the Earth. The meteorite is what's left from meteor when it enters atmosphere and hits the Earth.

A meteor hitting the moon would affect life on Earth in a good way. By omission, the collision with the moon means the meteor doesn't get to strike the Earth --- and that is a very good thing.

when the meteor coming to the earth breaks into several parts and enter the earth atmosphere with a high velocity,it forms a meteor shower

the gravitational pull pulls (really?) the meteor into the earths atmosphere, and the meteor burns up, then hits the earth (sometimes)

No, not a meteor shower. The dinosaurs became extinct after a meteor struck the earth which blocked out the sun and killed much of the vegetataion that the dinosaurs used for food.

No, because that meteor already hit the earth.

A meteor hitting Earth is simply by chance. They fly around through space and every now and then, one might happen to crash into Earth.

It waz a meteor before

a fragment of a meteor that has landed on earth

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