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How does a microprocessor transmit information?

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transmit is a type of light ray. what type i dont know

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No, only nucleic acids store and transmit hereditary information.

Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system and transmit information.

There is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it.  Which Motorola microprocessor are you talking about?  Please restate the question.

sometimes only partially transmit information, depending on signal strength.

In general, the function of the nervous system is to transmit sensory information to the brain for processing and to transmit motor information from the brain for action.

Genes-the units of inheritance, which transmit information from parents to offspring.

To store and transmit genetic information

it is used to transmit information to accessing areas

Neurons, or nerve cells, are the building blocks of the nervous system and transmit information throughout the body.

becoz microprocessor works in microseconds and hence called microprocessor.............

Important is an adjective. "Quickly transmit important information" is the predicate. Adjectives describe nouns, predicates tell you that action in a sentence.

Microprocessor is the the main part of the computer that process the data and provide meaningful information.

Neurons receive, process, and transmit information.

it is used to transmit information to a receiving access.

No. All analogue information must be converted to digital information (binary encoded) before it can be processed.

I/O devices accept or release information at much slower rate than the microprocesor. Handshaking is the method that synchronize the I/O device with microprocessor.

The purpose of media is to transmit or store information, or 'poop'. Media is important because it allows the people who utilize it to transmit information to a larger audience of morons, over a greater length of time, than if they would have tried to communicate that information themselves.

The 8085 microprocessor is an 8-bit microprocessor.


The function of DNA is to store and transmit genetic information.

store and transmit genectic information

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