How does a neutral wire work?

Updated: 5/25/2024
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Neutral wires are actually ground wires. They enable the circuit to be completed.

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A neutral wire completes the circuit by providing a return path for the current back to the electrical source. It carries the current back from the load to the electrical panel in a balanced electrical system. The neutral wire is typically grounded to prevent electrical shock and is colored white in the United States.

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Appliances are supplied with current through two conducting wires called the live and the neutral. Most appliances also have an earth wire.

The neutral wire is the one which is connected to earth at the nearest transformer supplying the property, so the voltage between neutral and earth normally does not exceed a few volts, which is due to the supply current flowing through the resistance of the neutral wire.

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The neutral circuit conductor is used to connect the circuit load back to the common point in the distribution panel. In most cases the neutral in the distribution panel is common to other circuits. In the distribution panel the neutral is connected to the system ground through a plate or ground rod. This grounding is to try and get the whole electrical system, utility and service distribution, to the lowest common potential of zero ohms. Zero ohms is theoretical as different properties of earths soil conditions vary. In North America a value of 5 ohms or less is acceptable.

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Q: How does a neutral wire work?
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Do you need a neutral wire for a light to work?

The neutral wire is the return wire back to the distribution panel from the load. Without this return wire no load will work.

What is a floating neutral wire?

a loose connection of a neutral wire

What does an open neutral mean?

Typical home wiring will have one hot wire, one neutral wire, and one ground wire per circuit. An open neutral would indicate that the neutral wire, usually white wire, is broken.

Is red or white neutral for electrical work?

In residential wiring the white wire is neutral on the 120 volt circuits. On a 3way circuit the red is the traveler and the white is neutral. On a 240 volt 3 wire connection the white & black are hot. On a 240 volt 4 wire connection the black and red are hot and the white is neutral.

Is the ridged wire neutral or hot?

If wired properly the ridged wire is the neutral.

Which side of the White neutral wire do you connect the Black power wire?

The neutral wire and power wire are never connected together.

Can a green wire be used for a neutral?

'Can' yes. 'Should' no. <<>> Never use a green wire for a neutral. It is colour coded for a reason and that is to protect the people that work on electrical equipment. If you turn a ground wire into a neutral it then becomes a current carrying conductor. There are times in the electrical trade when grounds have to be disconnected and if it is used as a neutral and the tradesman is holding one end and touching a grounded object a shock will occur. Again never use a green ground wire as a neutral.

How should old 3 wire stove be wired in panel bare wire to neutral or ground or both?

Ground wire to neutral wire.

Is the neutral wire the return wire?


Can a ground wire be used as a neutral wire?


Is ribbed wire black or white?

The ribbed wire on a lamp cord is the neutral wire. On an extension cord there is no rib but the neutral wire is white in colour.

What color is neutral wire in Australia?

The colour of the neutral wire in Australia is blue with marking N.