How does a parent of a deaf baby feel about their baby?

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They feel blessed becaue babies are blessings when they are brought to earth but they can't express how much they love they child or understand they child when they are young and deaf and have not been expose to sign language. They feel blessed becaue babies are blessings when they are brought to earth but they can't express how much they love they child or understand they child when they are young and deaf and have not been expose to sign language.
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When are you supposed to feel the baby move?

I have just had the great news that me and myhusband are expecting our first baby. This is thrilling news butnow I am trying to gather as much information as I can. I'mcurrently at week 6 and am already feeling "hormonal" and can sensechanges in my body, but I want to know what to expect in thefutur ( Full Answer )

Is wanting a deaf baby if you are a deaf couple ethical or unethical and for what reasons?

Desire to Have a Deaf Baby CONSENSUS on this page seems to be: 1. Deaf parents wanting to adopt a deaf baby (one already born deaf) is ethical and probably advantageous, laudable. 2. Deaf parents wanting to create a deaf baby (removing its ability to hear through genetic manipulation or othe ( Full Answer )

What does it feel like to conceive a baby?

Answer . There is no feeling that comes with conception. Most conception actually happens a day or two after you have sex. Sperm, no matter how much you clean yourself afterwards, can live in the body for up to 3 days. Meaning you could have sex tonight and not be pregnant until tomorrow or the d ( Full Answer )

What does having a baby feel like?

Giving birth can be painful but it pays off in the end its like taking ur bottom lip and streching it over ur head to the back of ur neck! It really hurt for the first baby but inproves for the second as the survix is already streched but it is worth it to have little boy or girl !! good Luck ( Full Answer )

How do parents have babies?

The man puts his man hood in to the women's hood and the man release white sticky stuff that makes the babies. The man sticks his private into the womans private and a white cell from the male called sperm cells go into to the woman and the sperm cell goes to a egg cell inside of the woman and after ( Full Answer )

When can you feel the baby moving in the womb?

First time Mums usually feel the baby moving from about 20 weeks, second time around you may feel it earlier, 16-17 weeks. Slender women will probably feel it before their better padded sisters.

Can you feel the baby at 8 weeks?

No at 8 weeks the baby is about the size of a raspberry. It would not be possible to feel the baby move that early.

When can others feel a baby kicking?

when i was pregnant my son would only move for certain people he would never move for his daddy so i depends on the baby really but my sister felt my son at 61/2 months

Would a deaf person have deaf babies?

Not necessarily. Only if the deafness was obtained genetically. For example, I am a deaf person, but it was not hereditary. Therefore, I will not have deaf children. However, if a deaf person is deaf from hereditary factors - (i.e. the mother is deaf or the grandfather is deaf) - it indicates that t ( Full Answer )

How does it feel to have a baby?

Giving birth is different for each person doing it. There isusually some amount of discomfort or pain, although some postsurgical patients sometimes experience much less pain than others.Contractions happen at regular, shortening intervals, resulting inthe dilation of the cervix and the expulsion of ( Full Answer )

Why does a deaf mother want her baby to be deaf?

That is not always the case, because most mothers want their baby to hear. If they do want their baby to be deaf, it is because they want their baby to be just like them, suffer like them, or understand the way their mother is.. It may also be because she wants to be able to communicate well with h ( Full Answer )

Is it selfish for a deaf person to want their child to be deaf. Son is hearing impaired and girlfriend is deaf. Their baby can hear but she said she wishes the baby was deaf.?

It is more of a feeling that you want your child to be like you: there is honesty in stating the fact. Many deaf people do not see an advantage to hearing; in fact there is quite a controversy over the collinear implant solution that would restore hearing for some deaf people. However, the child ( Full Answer )

If a baby is deaf can the laugh?

Of course. Being Deaf doesn't mean that you can't laugh, giggle, or smile. The baby wouldn't be able to hear herself/himself laugh obviously, but he/she has no limitations expressing amusement. Unless a mental retardation is associated with the deafness, Deaf people are just like hearing people with ( Full Answer )

What week do you feel your baby move?

First time moms, not usually until 19 wks. Second time mommy's however, it begins as early as 15 wks. That's usually because the first time around you might be confusing your bubbling hungry belly for baby movements, where as the second time you know exactly what it feels like and you can tell if it ( Full Answer )

What does it feel like to feel the baby kick?

In the beginning it feels like muscle spasms in your uterus. Later it becomes a little more intense like someone is nudging you from the inside. Yea it almost feels like a twitch it is annoying me at the minute lol :)

When can the dad feel baby move?

around 24 weeks, give or take a few. Baby can be felt a lot earlier with a bit of patience. Have the mother lie on her back and relax for 10-15 mins, then place your hand between the bellybutton and top of the pubic area. Then you want to add a firm, constant pressure hard enough that it just dose ( Full Answer )

Can you feel a breech baby kick?

Yes. My son was in breech position until 38 weeks, I felt him kick a lot. Often he would kick my cervix. He would also punch and push his head under my ribs. Breech babies move just as much as non-breech babies.

When can a baby feel?

a baby can feel as soon as its born remember that they are still like you and me

Can you feel baby at 12 weeks?

haha no its still very small and not large enough to kick against you its like the size of your index finger or even less depending.

When can you feel your baby?

You can fell it in 18-23 weeks if this is your first time, if not your first time you might fell it earlier then that.

How you feel baby inside of you?

If you hold Shift while clicking your pregnant Sim there is an option to *feel baby*. The mother then feels the baby.

Can babies feel angry?

Probably. They are human beings. They can't express it very well, and it's not a very sophisticated form of anger...more akin to frustration.

How do you find out that your baby is deaf?

Typically after birth, the doctor will perform tests to see how the baby responds to various noises. When no response is triggered by any noises made, the baby is presumed deaf until further tests are conducted.

When can you feel the baby movement?

You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements during an ultrasound. This is often felt as a fluttering feeling or a grasshopper walking across your belly during the first m ( Full Answer )

Can you feel your baby move in your chest?

Sometimes the baby can move up and make you feel a little short of breath because your lungs can't properly expand. This is temporary. However, as the baby grows and begins running out of room he or she can kick as far as the ribcage. My daughter gave me a kick in the 7th month that felt like it hit ( Full Answer )

What does a baby kicking feel like?

You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements during an ultrasound. This is often felt as a fluttering feeling or a grasshopper walking across your belly during the first move ( Full Answer )

When do you feel the baby first kick?

Some expectant mothers feel the first kicks about 16 weeks into the pregnancy, although first-time mothers will often not sense the small movements.

When can you feel a baby?

normally around 16 weeks, but they say it depends whether its your first or second pregnancy, as on your first you don't really know what you are looking for.

Can baby feel your emotions?

Sound is universal.Humans share sound waves.Sound explained in four ways by Indian scientists.Para (pure) pasyanthi (attached with air) madhyama (In the vocal chords) Viechari (word spoken and written).Pasyanthi may be shared as an emotion with baby.

What to do if your parents baby you?

They do it because they love you. Give them time and you will see that as you become more mature they will eventually start treating you as an adult.

How do you feel for baby bunnies?

Gently and carefully! To tell if your female rabbit is pregnant, gently press your fingers along her belly. Within as little as one week after fertilization, you should be able to notice several small, marble-like lumps in her abdomen. But be careful; pressing too hard can damage the babies.

How does it feel when a baby is moving inside you?

Wonderful. Amazing. When the baby gets bigger and starts to kick, you can actually see it.In the beginning , it just feels like flutters, then like something rolling under your skin. Sometimes it's a bit uncomfortable , the baby can press on your bladder, or press up against your diaphragm and make ( Full Answer )

Can you feel the baby at 16 weeks?

Yes :) it normally happens with second child because your more intune with you body I felt my second child at 8 weeks prego they thought I was crazy then I proved them wrong in a ultrasound lol

Should parents baby talk to their baby?

It depends what is meant by baby talk and it is really important to discourage one type of baby talk but definitely not the other. There is a type of baby talk called " parentese " or " motherese" which is the way you hear most parents talk to their young babies. It is the natural way adults an ( Full Answer )

How do doctor feel your stomach for a baby?

they feel for your fundus (top of uterus) and unless you are 10 weeks or so, they cant feel anything because your fundus is still behind your pubic bone. after that the doctor can estimate how far along you are. contrary to popular belief, you start growing from the bottom, and grow up, the baby doe ( Full Answer )

When do you start feeling the baby when your pregnant?

Feeling your baby move for the first time when you are pregnant is very exciting. Your baby started moving around around 7 weeks, but you won't be able to feel him until 16 - 22 weeks. If you have already had a baby, you might be able to feel it a little earlier because you know what the movement fe ( Full Answer )

Can you feel your baby heartbeat in your neck?

You can feel your own heart beat in the neck, but you can't feel your baby's heart beat in your neck. A baby's heart beat is very difficult to feel and is usually picked up by ultrasound Doppler or with a stethoscope

How do you feel wen babies are not moving?

You will worry or be alarmed.Stimulate the baby to move by giving her a snack ,touch your tummy, let him be awake with a sound or try to repositioned yourself in bed.

Why do you feel you want to have a baby?

Many young girls fantasize (think about, imagine) what it would be like to be pregnant, give birth, and have a baby. But truthfully, pregnancy is one of the hardest conditions for a woman's body to go through. Labor and delivery hurt badly. Your body is never the same afterward. And raising a ch ( Full Answer )

Why parents have there baby?

There are many reasons. Here are just a few Some, because they have a burning desire to have children. Some want to see their family line extended. Others have children because it is expected of them. Many, have babies because they didn't take precautions while enjoying intimate moments together ( Full Answer )

How did your feel about your baby?

Maternal for mothers. Paternal for fathers. Generally, mothers and fathers are quite protective of their babies.