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Their fur is thick and well insulated. Their hair is actually hollow and that makes for great insulation. They hibernate in the winter.

Regardless of what some people say, their numbers are actually growing.

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What preys on Arctic foxes?

A polar bear preys on arctic foxes A polar bear preys on arctic foxes

Is there commensalism between a polar bear and an arctic fox?

Yup, the arctic fox follows around the polar bear, and eats the scraps the polar bear left behind. However, if the arctic fox annoys the polar bear, the bear will chase it off

What do polar bears do to survive in the Arctic?

Polar Bears eat that is how they survive.

Why is it impossible for a polar bear to live in the arctic?

It's not. Polar bears live in the Arctic.

Is there such thing as a tropical polar bear?

No. The polar bears have lots of fur to keep them warm in the Arctic. They wouldn't be able to survive in Hawaii, Florida etc.

What lives in the Arctic?

polar bear

What is the difference between an Arctic fox and a polar bear?

The arctic fox is in the family Canidae, whereas the polar bear is in the family Ursidae.

What are the predators in the Arctic?

The most powerful (or apex) predator in the arctic is the polar bear.arctic foxes, polar bears

Is a bear a polar bear a bear that just lives in Antarctica?

A polar bear is a type of bear, unique to the Arctic. There are no animals in Antarctica.

Which Arctic animal has the warmest fur - the Arctic fox the polar bear or the Arctic wolverine?

pollar bear

Why would lions not be able to occupy the same niche as zebras or polar bears?

A lion would not survive outside its inch's example, in the cold arctic climate. A polar Bear's niche, on the other hand, is found in the cold Arctic polar bear would not survive on the African plains.

What type of bear lives in arctic areas?

The polar bear.

How do you make a polar bear in Little Alchemy?

Arctic + bear

If an Arctic fox is prey to a polar bear then why do Arctic foxes sometimes become friends with them?

an arctic fox isn't prey for a polar bear [also i do not think that foxes become friends with polar bears

Does the polar bear live in the Arctic or Antarctic region?

Polar bears are found in the Arctic region.Polar bears live in the Arctic region

What is a food chain in the tundra biome?

penguin eats fish, leopard seal eats penguin, polar bear eats leopard seal, polar bear eats arctic fox, polar bear arctic wolf, human eats arctic fox, arctic wolf, and polar bear, lemming eats grass, bird eats lemming.

Where do the polar bear gets its name?

The polar bear is a bear that lives in the arctic, also known at the north pole, and lives andpolar conditions. So a bear that lives in polar conditions, why not name its a polar bear?

What is the Largest meat-eater in the arctic?

i think soooooo its polar bear

Do both grizzly and polar bears live in the Arctic?

No. Only polar bears live in the Arctic.

How does the polar bear survive in the Arctic environment?

Polar bears have white fur which lets them blend in with the snow. They eat seals and other arctic animals. They also have a thick layer of fat to help insulate them from the cold.

What are some omivores in the arctic?

Polar bear

Where is a polar bear originally found?

The Arctic

Where are polar bear cubs raised?

The Arctic?

Where is the indigenous habitat for a polar bear?

The Arctic.

A carnivore that lives in the Arctic?

polar bear