How does a pregnant guppy look?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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like human that is pregnant.

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Q: How does a pregnant guppy look?
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Why does your male guppy look pregnant?

it may be a femake or a FAT guppy

How do you now when a female guppy is pregnant?

Under normal circumstances every female guppy you come across will be gravid (pregnant). My advice is don't worry about it she will be pregnant.

How do you know how many weeks your guppy is pregnant?

The average guppy is pregnant for 4 weeks! But they can b pregnant for up to 8 weeks at the most, one way to tell is to go to a local vet and check what stage ur guppy is currently in, or u can look up the stages online, it would help if u kept track of how many weeks pregnant she was!

How can you get your female guppy fish pregnant?

All that is needed is a male guppy in with her.

Why has a pregnant guppy stopped eating?

Because the guppy have baby inside it stomch

Can I strip my pregnant guppy?


While guppy pregnant when put in breed tank?

When your female guppy is pregnant you can't tell by it's size. You have to look at it's gravid spot. Which is right behind their stomach and the tail. It's right around the butt of the guppy. It takes about a month for the babies to be born. Plus you can not stress out your the pregnant fish.

How do you determine pregnant guppy?

large stomach.

Is my guppy pregnant and how do I know?

Your guppy will be pregnant if it has been in a container with a male since it reached maturity. A none pregnant guppy is an unusual thing. She will develop a belly and also when seen from behind she will have a dark spot visible deep inside her on either side of her vent. (the gravid spot)

What is the red stuff comiing from your pregnant guppy?

It is probably excreta.

How many baby guppies does a pregnant guppy have?

1 to 5 to 40

How do you know if a guppy fish is pregnant?

it will have a red dot and black on its belly and will be fat