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It doesn't differ from a star, it is a star and it is the second stage in a stars life after the nebula stage.

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How is a protostar different from a star?

A protostar is different from a star in that a protostar cannot be seen because it is enveloped in dust. Unlike a star, a protostar does not have any fusion in its core yet.

Can a star become a protostar?

No. It starts as a protostar.

Are protostar a star?

A protostar is more like a stage previous to a star - before it ignites.

What is another name for a protostar?

There is not really another name for a protostar.The formation process in simplification is:Giant molecular cloudProtostarT Tauri starPre-main sequence star (or PMS star)Main sequence star.

What is a star called before it is a star?

A star that is forming is called a protostar.

A protostar becomes a star when?


What is the name of a forming star?


What is the first stage of star creation?

Protostar. Comment: Or, perhaps it's the nebula from which the protostar forms.

Do prostars become stars?

The term is "protostar", not "prostar". Yes. A protostar is an early stage of a star.

How long does a protostar live?

A protostar will live as long as 100,000 years. After material stops falling on the protostar it will enter then T Tauri star phase.

What is a newly formed star called?

A protostar

Is a new star called a protostar?


What is the beginning stage of a star called?

A protostar

What is a star called in its earliest stage?


Who named the protostar and why?

No one. It comes from the Greek - proto - meaning first. So first star - a protostar.

Protostar will turn into what kind of star?

That depends on the mass of the proto-star.

When a protostar rises to 10000000 degrees celsius will a protostar become a star before or after nuclear fusion?

through the process of fusion, it becomes a star: the birth of the star is the start of fusion. therefore, it is after fusion that it is classified as a star.

What is a star called before it is born?

Before a star is born, it is called a protostar.

How do you know if a star is a protostar?

If you can see it, its a star. Protostars radiate only in the infrared.

What is the name given to a new star in the Heavans?


What is the beginning stage in the formation of a star called?


What is a large bright young star called?

A protostar.

What is the early form of a star?

That's called a "protostar".

What slows down the contraction of a star-forming cloud when it makes a protostar?

trapping of thermal energy inside the protostar

Why doesnt a protostar form a black hole?

The pressure within a protostar counters gravity and prevents the star from collapsing further.

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