How does a rabbit move?

Updated: 3/31/2020
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a rabbit moves by eating to get energy for his/her legs to jump.

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Q: How does a rabbit move?
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Who framed Roger Rabbit in the move Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Judge Doom

What causes a rabbit to not being able to move its head but still trying to move?

you need to take the rabbit to a vet it could have broken bones!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which organ help move to rabbit?

The brain

Does a zebra hop to move?

No that's a rabbit

What does it mean when your rabbit don't move its nose?

Could be dead...?. Especially if no other part of the rabbit is moving...

How does a rabbit move its tail side to side?

it likes you

What do a kangaroo and a rabbit have in common?

They both move by hopping.

Your rabbit wont move but it is breathing what do you do?

dude, its sleeping

How do you get a rabbit to move her babies?

You dont. Leave them alone untill they are 8 weeks old then you can move them yourself.

Why must a rabbit be able to move?

so it can run away from predators, eat, it must move to surive

How do chinchillas move?

they bounce on there 2 hind legs like a rabbit

What happens if your rabbit can't move its legs?

If your rabbit can't move its legs then it's definitely hurt or sick, so you should take it to the vet immediately. See the link below for more details.