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How does a really shy person become a model?

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The photographer might help things along and try to guide you in certain directions, but a good model is expected to be more than a passive participant in the photoshoot. The first step is to decide what kind of modelling you want to do. There are many levels of modelling, not just high-end fashion modelling. Catalog and print ads (for coupons or food advertisements for example)or instructional videos and ad campaigns can be a less competitive market and a good entry into the business. Watching 'America's Next Top Model' might be useful to get an idea of the kinds of things photographers and fashion editors are looking for in a model as well as the environment (although likely exaggerated) that models might be subject to. Signing up for modelling and/or drama classes would also be a good step to help with shyness and provide an opportunity to practice getting over fear of embarrassment. The most important thing, though, is to talk to people and do a lot of research (internet or over the phone) before signing anything or handing anyone any money. Call modelling schools and see if you can set up an appointment to just learn more about the business. I'm sure they'll have a lot more specific resources. Good luck.

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