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develops the sales through sales officer

2007-06-18 12:38:30
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What is the hierarchy of ICICI Prudential life insurance?

unit manager- agency manager - sales manager - branch head - area manager/business partner

What are the designations in marketing department in IT sector?

Marketing Director President marketing Marketing communication manager Marketing coordinator Advertisement manager Research manager Product manager Sales manager Channel manager Management trainee

What are some of the management positions in the insurance industry?

Three examples of job titles found at this level of employment in the insurance industry are risk manager, sales manager, and underwriter.

What is the functions of a sales manager?

Managing the revenue and clients. Must be aware of sales team management.. role can be different for various sector but the motto must be clear to maintain the high revenue of sales volume.

What is the job profile after MBA IT?

you can work as a business development manager. and primarily work is software sales.

What is another name for Sales Manager?

Manager of Sales

Application of Maslow's hierarchy to sales management?

from low to high: sales person---sales supervisor----district sales manager----regional sales manager----National sales manager----Vice president of sales.

Responsibilities of Sales manager in hotel?

what in the business plan for sales manager in hotel

What education is required for a job in sales?

1.Sales executive virtual destop solutions 2. Area Sales Manager 3. Sales Executive - Training Solutions - London 4. Business Development Administrator 5. Graduate Fields Sales Consultant

Definition of sales development?

A sales development is a new program or job that has been created within the sales department. An increase in a businesses sales can also be classified as a sales development.

What are the responsibilities of sales manager in a hotel?

what are the resposibilities of sales manager in hote supplier company

What is the difference between a sales manager and a commercial manager?

a sales managers sells things and commercial manager makes commercials

What is a synonym for sales manager?

I don't know that these would technically be synonyms, but here are some other titles that are used: -Marketing Manager -Account Manager -Business Development Manager -Territory Manager Those are just a few I've heard of. Sales people use these different titles for a good reason actually. When people hear the words sales manager, sales person, sales associate or any other title with sales in it most of them think of a pushy car salesman or the creepy guy that knocked on there door trying to sell them a $300 box of steaks from the back of there truck! When working with prospects (potential clients), most good salespeople are smart enough to use a different title than sales manager or anything else with the word sales in it! When it comes to colleagues or anyone else that isn't a potential client, they are usually fine with the title sales manager.

What is the common noun of a sales manager?

The compound noun 'sales manager' is a common noun, a general word for the person in charge of a sales department of a business.A proper noun is the name or the title of a specific person; for example, the sales manager is Jim Smith or Jim Smith, Sales Manager.

When was Glen Barton a sales manager for Caterpillar?

1975-1977, manager for South American Sales

How did a sales manager get into sales management?

He was smart enough to do it :)

How do you think you could fit into the role of a Sales manager?

I wouldn't. I would probably be horrible as a sales manager.

Write a letter on decline in sales as you are a general manager?

Write a letter on decline in sales as you are a general manager

What is responsibility of a sales executive in a insurance company?

duties of a sales executive in an insurance company

What is the difference between a sales manager and a marketing manager?

so first of all, in sales are included in Marketing. Marketing is = Price, Product, Sales and Promotion ... sales manager have to manage the salary and it's proces to sale... Marketing Manager, have to promote the new brends, make advertisements, and etc...

What can you do with an agriculture business degree?

There are many things you can do with an agriculture business degree, such include; * Business Development Officer * Food retail and whole sales industries * Agricultural loans and banking * Food Processor Consultant * Business Specialist * Marketing and Communications * Industry product development * Stock markets and trading * Public Education * Production Manager * Product Developer * Value Added Policy Analyst * Purchasing Manager * Business Account Manager * Research and Development Manager * Food Manufacturing Manager * Food Processing Manager *

What difference between area sales manager and regional sales manager?

Regional sales managers usually cover a larger area than area sales managers. In some organisations a number of area sales managers will report to a regional sales manager. Each area manager is responsible for his area but the regional manager is responsible for the performance of the region as a whole. In other organisations job titles can be quite arbitrary and of no real significance.

How much does a carmax sales manager make?

I am a sales manager at Carmax. We make anywhere from 75K to 110K with bonus.

What noun is a sales manager?

The noun 'sales manager' is a singular, compound, common, concrete noun; a word for a person.

What is the difference between sales manager and sales executive?

In advik compware, PRATIK JAIN is a sales executive. where as, the manager directs him from DELHI... there is no wide difference in dis concept... manager gives PRATIK, some good ideas about sales and the executive follows it...