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Satisfied judgments do not get removed from a consumer's credit report until 7 years from the date they were filed. You might get lucky and the judgment be shielded from view 7 years after the original legal action was filed (once the satisfaction shows).

It is possible, and legal, for the satisfaction to show for 7 full years from it's filing date (which may be different from the judgment filing date).

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Q: How does a satisfied judgment that was filed on a property rented get removed from a credit report?
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Why should a judgment be paid if it cannot be removed from a credit report before seven years have expired?

Short answer, a valid judgment can be executed against the debtor's non exempt property at any time. A judgment that has been perfected as a lien against real property is more likely to be implemented as a forced sale of the property in question. And a judgment accrues interest until it is paid or satisfied with the judgment creditor.

How can you get a 'satisfied' judgment removed from your credit report?

Negative information cannot be removed from a credit report until the time limit for the debt has expired. The time limit for most judgments is 7 years.

What does execution of judgment is stayed until final payment is received at which time judgment will be deemed satisfied mean and will the judgment actually be filed as to reach my credit report?

The statement, "execution of judgment is stayed until final payment is received at which time judgment will be deemed satisfied" means that the judgment will be held against you until the debt is completely paid off. You can then get a letter of clearance to have the judgment removed from your credit report. Most debts will remain on a credit report for 7-10 years, even after they have been paid and satisfied.

Broker breached contract but won a judgment against us in a court of law. Is there a statute of limitations on that judgment.?

There is no statute of limitations on a judgment. The only way a judgment can be satisfied is to pay the debt and then it will be removed from your credit report.

Will the satisfaction of a judgment affect your credit score and does it completely come off your credit file or show as satisfied?

A judgment will reduce you credit score. It takes about 7 years for an item on your credit report to be removed. You have to make a request for it to be remove from your credit after you 7 year period.

If you stop paying your credit cards can they come after your property?

A debt is a debt. The credit card collectors can take you to court and get a judgment on you to pay what is due. They can have your wages garnished. This is the channels they will take first. If they do not get satisfied through garnishments they can go after your property. But this is rare.

How long does a satisfied judgment remain on New York resident credit report?

A satisfied judgment will remain permanently on the credit report unless you request the company or person takes it off. Most people do not look at a judgment that has been on there over 7 years.

Can a judgment be removed from your credit report?

Yes...once it is paid.

Will a judgment be removed from a credit report if it is paid?

No. It will show that you had a judgment on your credit report for up to seven years, but it will show a zero balance.

How long does a judgment last in New Mexico?

A judgment stays on your credit report until it is satisfied or for 14 years. Sometimes it will stay on your credit report past 14 years.

Can personal property be levied when a judgment is placed against you for credit card deliquency?

Answer: If your credit card company obtains a judgment against you they may take any property of value that they can find.

How do you get a judgment to say satisfied on your credit report when it was discharged in your bankruptcy?

If a judgment was included in, and discharged by, your bankruptcy; there is no need to obtain a separate disposition. Write the credit bureaus and send a copy of your bankruptcy papers which show this judgment included. That should suffice to have the judgment removed from your report and the original tradeline from the debt marked "included in BK". Talk with an attorney or go to a bank that has a notary service.

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