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The Space Shuttle lands like a plane. When it gets to earth, there is a runway and it will land smoothly on the ground.

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Q: How does a space shuttle get to space and back to earth?
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Which part of the space craft came back to earth?

The space shuttle.

Is a space station the same as a space shuttle?

No. A space station stays in space, a shuttle goes back and forth between the station and the Earth.

How do space shuttles get payload back to earth?

When the space shuttle goes through the atmosphere, the space shuttle can then by itself land safely because no fuel will be needed. You can use the atmosphere of the earth to slow the space shuttle down allowing it land safely with the payload. The payload will still be on the space shuttle because it won't be removed, only the equipment will be removed from the space shuttle. The shuttle has to do no work whatsoever when bringing it back to earth because it won't be needing fuel when landing on earth.

Why did Americans invent the space shuttle?

THe American's built the space shuttle to have a reusable rocket that could go out into space and come back to earth.

How fast does a space shuttle go when it comes back to earth?

The space shuttle has a reentry speed of about 17,000 miles per hour.

Whats shuttle run?

A trip from Earth to some orbit in space, and back to Earth.

What NASA space shuttle recently came back to earth?


When did space shuttle enterprise land?

the enterprise was not a space shuttle it was justa a prototype launched off the back of a plane to see how good it could glide back to earth.

How long space shuttle takes to back earth from international space station?

5 mins

What happens when a space shuttle leaves your atmosphere?

It will go to space and come back to earth in 2 years.

What was the last space shuttle to orbit earth?

Space Shuttle Atlantis.

How is a space shuttle a glider?

When the Shuttle returns to earth, it does not use any engine power, it 'glides' back to a safe landing.