How does a spider-monkey look?

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brown with black on there elbows and knees

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Q: How does a spider-monkey look?
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What eats a spidermonkey?

a lucky leopard

Is a spidermonkey an omnivore?

no because they do not eat everything

How old is the oldest spidermonkey?

it looks like a orangatan

What species is spidermonkey from ben 10?

a spider and a monkey

What is the ultimate spidermonkey arms code in fusionfall?


Information about spidermonkey off Ben 10 alien force?

Ben first uses spidermonkey when he fights his grandmother in the episode ''What Are Little Girls Made Of?'' Spidermonkey is an Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia. The name "Arachnichimp" is derived from arachnid, the name of a group of animals including spiders, scorpions, and ticks, among others, and chimpanzee, a type of ape. Oddly, Spidermonkey has a tail, a feature chimps (and indeed, the hominids as a whole), do not posses. Spidermonkey always has to watch its back on his planet, because Arachnichimps are the most delicious creatures on his planet and has to hide in tropical rain forests of Aranhaschimmia. Retrieved from ""

What is a description of what a spidermonkey look like?

They have really long, usually black tails, and black eyes. They have paws that look like human hands, like all primates. They have ears that are round, and are at the side of their head.

How do you get past the electric balls using spidermonkey?

Basically bounce on them...

Which Ben 10 alien is banger?

outbreak,rath and spidermonkey

Is a spidermonkey warm blooded?

A spider monkey is warm blooded.

What kind of shelter or habitat does spidermonkey live in?

funked up place

How do you say Spider Monkey in Italian?

Le spidermonkey or you can ask Giovanna

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