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Spring airsoft guns work of manual operation. This means that you have to pull or move a part to get it to function. Here's the basic parts that make it function:

- Cylinder

- "Piston"

- "Piston head"

- Piston catch

- Trigger

- Spring

- Spring guide

The cylinder is what the air is funneled through.

The piston is what is getting release to come forward in the cylinder to push the air.

The piston head is a rubber cap that fits on the front of the piston to make a good air seal as the piston is coming forward through the cylinder.

The piston catch is what is the piston is being held back on before the trigger is pulled.

The trigger is what releases the piston catch to send it forward.

The spring is what is pushing the piston.

The spring guide is what the spring sits on.

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Q: How does a spring airsoft gun work?
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