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How does a spring airsoft gun work?


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Spring airsoft guns work of manual operation. This means that you have to pull or move a part to get it to function. Here's the basic parts that make it function:

- Cylinder

- "Piston"

- "Piston head"

- Piston catch

- Trigger

- Spring

- Spring guide

The cylinder is what the air is funneled through.

The piston is what is getting release to come forward in the cylinder to push the air.

The piston head is a rubber cap that fits on the front of the piston to make a good air seal as the piston is coming forward through the cylinder.

The piston catch is what is the piston is being held back on before the trigger is pulled.

The trigger is what releases the piston catch to send it forward.

The spring is what is pushing the piston.

The spring guide is what the spring sits on.

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No company makes a spring action galil airsoft gun currently.

Silencers do not work on AEG or spring airsoft guns because the sound comes from the gearbox or spring respectively. There are a few gas gun silencers that work though.

your joking me right of course a co2 airsoft gun is more powereful and it can not chip a tooth

A spring gun? It depends on how fast you can cock the gun. There is not a fastest gun.

If you take care of the gun it could last years and work good

No. even though some spring guns have great range, co2 allows you to fire more then once before reloading.

You can't without some experience in metalwork.

Shell-ejecting airsoft guns tend to eject their shells using a spring loaded system. once the bolt, or slide is drawn back after firing, the spring will force the spent shell out of the gun

No, a .68 paintball is several times larger than an airsoft pellet. There are "paintball" airsoft pellets, but they only work on low powered spring guns and have a very small splat mark.

Basically, there are two ways how an airsoft gun work. The first is using mechanical energy from spring inside it. The spring decompressed, pushing a piston into the cylinder, thus built air commpression within the cylinder. The compressed air then push the BBs out from the barrel. Spring airsoft gun and AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) work that way. The second is by using gas to propel the BBs out of the barrel. The second way is for NBB (Non Blow Back) and GBB (Gas Blow Back) gun or rifle.

The light on it does, but the actual gun is spring loaded.

The cold will ruin a spring, but not a gas or electric.

it pulls back the spring and that sends the pellet flying.

Keep it clean and get a stronger spring.

You only have to cock it if it is a spring gun. sells extra magazine's for this gun. Go to M06A1 airsoft gun magazine

Spring airsoft guns are generally starter guns. If you want a powerful gun, get a c02 or gasoline/propane powered gun. However, most airsoft sniper rifles do use spring (bolt-action) firing speeds, and you can get Sniper rifles for as cheap as 50$ in the U.S.. Look for rifles with 400-500 fps for optimal power.

Install a lighter spring. This will result in a lack of power when the gun fires.

In airsoft guns, automatic electric gun. Battery powered airsoft, versus spring powered or gas powered.

It really depends on the muzzle velocity (FPS), what the power source is (spring, gas, AEG), and what make/model the gun is.

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