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A Tamagotchi evolves over time. 1 day is 1 year. To find out what your Tamagotchi can evolve into, check my blog out:

For the V4 evolution Chart go to:


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It takes time. Treat your tamagotchi well and he/she will evolve faster.

I'm not sure about you , but i can make my tamagotchi become an adult just by letting it evolve???

basically just look after it and make sure it is always happy and not hungry :)

It is a chain that shows you how you take care of it, what it will evolve into.

sorry, there is no way to get them to evolve, but you can speed things up by playing TONS of games, keeping them healthy, and NEVER PUT THEM ON PAUSE

Change the time to one minute before your tamagotchi usually evolves, than wait a minute. I think it works, not sure though.

I think if you change the time to one minute before the time your tamagotchi evolves at, it will evolve after one minute.....I think. Sorry if I'm wrong..

if you want ur tamagotchi to grow you'll have 2 play with it and over time it will evolve.

i don't think you can get him/her on your Tamma music star . sorry

They evolve the same time a regular 5 would, i had mine for almost a week and they are now adults.. I like the new adults in this one..

Gozarutchi can evolve from any male tama. If you want one, you'll have to take bad care of your tama, but make sure it doesn't die.

1, an egg will hatch in 2 min. 2, a baby will evolve in 1 hour 3, a toddler (child) will evolve in 1 day 4, a teenager will evolve in 1 day 5, a adult will evolve in 5 days 6, when age 5, your tamagotchi can get marry 7, a senior will die in age... 10~13... I think

nothing special just let it evolve p.s. ichigotchi is a teen, second last stage

take care of it and what to evolve into a : toddler - 1 hour teen - 1 day adult - 1 day oldie - ? ( they've not yet got one they all die )

you get a tamagotchi from a store.

whenever your tamagotchi wants to eat a snack always feed it apples and do this everytime even when its a baby andit should grow up quicker and healthier and hopefully turn into one of the main characters, mine did!

Baby-1 hourChild-the rest of the dayTeenager-2 daysAdult-4 days

The Tamagotchi V3 is the oldest version of Tamagotchi. You need the V5 version of Tamagotchi.

a female tamagotchi marries with a male tamagotchi and the female tamagotchi will have a large belly . and if the female tamagotchi cant hold more longer than it will give birth.

You actually can't. But I do know that if you have a v3, you can get in without a tamagotchi.

The speed of the development of your tamagotchi all depends on how you treat it. If your tamagotchi is happy and not hungry, and you play a lot of games with it, it will evolve quicker. Pausing your tamagotchi really does interfere with the growing process so if you are capable of looking after your tamagotchi with no pausing DON'T PAUSE IT! The rest just comes down to patience, for the tamagotchi to go through each process it can take around 3 days on a constantly happy and healthy tamagotchi. Don't give up on it though, keep it healthy and happy and I can assure you it will grow. If you really want to speed things up and glitch your tamagotchi a bit, and want to go to the extreme, debugging is an option I guess. However, debugging is extremely risky and can break your tamagotchi forever so I don't find myself recommending. For more information on debugging you can search it up. Thanks -elidee8

Yes, but it takes a while and you must evolve your tamagotchi quite a lot first. ---- 1*101000Try puttin that in a calculator

It depends on the tamagotchi

It depends on how you care for the Tamagotchi.

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