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Q: How does a thermos keep drinks hot and cold?
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How do you keep drinks hot?

Put the drinks in a thermos

What does a thermos do?

A thermos will generally keep either a hot item hot or a cold item cold. you can use them for things like cold drinks, soup, hot chocolate, or pretty much any liquid you want to keep the same temperature.

How do you keep hot drinks warm longer?

Put them in a thermos :D

What is the job of a thermos?

To keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold by minimizing heat transfer between the inside of the thermos with the outside.

How do you keep drinks warm longer without putting them in a thermos?

if its hot outside

Does a thermos keep things hot?

Yes, it can also keep things cold.

What can be held in a thermos flask?

Hot drinks such as tea and coffee are usually held in a thermos flask. The flask will keep the drink warm for several hours when one is outside or on the move. Cold drinks can also be kept in them or even non drinking liquids that one wishes to keep at a steady temperature.

In terms of molecules moving how a does a thermos bottle keep hot liquids hot and colds liquids cold?

If you look inside of a thermos you will see metal. This absorbs the heat or the cold and keeps it that way for as long as the contents are in the thermos.

What did a thermos used to be?

Long Johns for pants thermos but I dont know what the shirts are called.

Why does a thermos keep your soup hot when it's cold outside?

Most times its because there is no air in between the outside layer of the thermos and the inside layer of the thermos.

What is A container to keep drinks cold?

A flask. It also keeps drinks hot.

What is a list of materials to keep things hot or cold?

stove microwave hot pack toaster coffee maker thermos stoneware crock