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She has to take a test to know for sure.

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Natalia Roberts

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โˆ™ 2022-11-20 10:46:01
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Q: How does a woman know that shes pregnant?
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How long does it usually take for a male guinea pig to get the female pregnant and how do you know when she is pregnant?

how do you know when ones pregnant?well, it useually takees the male to get the female pregnant about 2 weeks. You know when shes pregnant by getting bigger in the stomach and wiggleing in the stomach, and shes eating more

What does a pregnant woman do when shes constipated?

Drink cup of water or jusst us ducolax

Why would a woman experience pregnancy symptoms if shes not pregnant?

because birth control can make you think you're pregnant.

How do a teen no when shes pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test just like every other woman.

How do you know when a woman is fertile?

get her pregnant..

Does a woman know when she is pregnant?

not necessarily

How do you know if a hamster is pregnant?

to know if a hamster is pregnant feel her stomach and see if you feel a circle kind of and if like you could feel it pumping that means shes pregnant

Is katie price pregnant with alex?

yes she is nd shes my cousin so i should know and shes 3 wks gone but the paps ain't to know

How do you know if a female gerbil is pregnant?

i dont know can someone plz tell me cause ive got a gerbil and i think shes pregnant 8/

Who might a woman tell first when she finds out shes pregnant?

Partner, Mom, Best Friend, Sister, Doctor

When will a female know shes pregnant?

usually, woman get the hint they miss their period. but if their period has always been irregular, you should probably take a pregnancy test after intercourse. hope i helped.

Is Danielle Colby-Cushman from American Pickers pregnant?

dont know but shes big

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