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How does acid rain affect animals?

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Acid rain affects animals by killing their environment and when in a form of metamorphism can change their appearance.Such as, frogs with missing legs or additional legs

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How dos acid rain affect plants and animals?

It can be very damaging.

How does acid rain affect an ecosystem?

Acid rain affect the ecosystem by reforming the way the animals live.This can happen by the cars and factory's fumes. And it can EFFECT by hurting things

How does acid rain affect the ozone layer?

The acid rain is a rain containing traces of acid. It does affect very less ozone.

How acid rain affect marbles?

how does acid rain affect a statue carved from marble

How does acid rain affect fish and wild animals?

it destroys, poisons and pollutes there environment

How does acid rain affect ecosystems?

Acid rain destroys trees because the water is not good for them. Also, the tree provide shelter and everything else for other animals, so that is how acid rain destroys the ecosystem.

Can acid rain harm an animals health?

Can acid rain harm you

Why is acid rain harmful to animals and plants?

it's ACID rain.

Can acid rain kill animals?

Yes, constant exposure to acid rain can certainly kill animals.

How does acid rain affect statues?

Acid rain dissolves marble statues.

Why does acid affect animals?

Animals are like humans too therefore we don't like acid but some animals have no choice but to stay out in acid rain because if no sheltering around them. When this effects the animals, the animals can go it a a strange metamorphosis and changes it's appearance.

What is the effects of acid rain on animals?

Acid rain burns little bits of the animals fir but not enough to hurt them.

How does acid rain affect the desert?

Acid rain can have a devastating affect on the desert. This acid can wear through the plants protective layer and it will then die in the sun.

How does acid rain affect the human health?

Acid rain can damage skin of a person.

What can acid rain do to animals?

it can kill them

Does acid rain effect animals?

Yes acid rain would very much animals are like you and me but on four legs and they have fur

Does Co2 affect acid rain?

no because acid rain is made up of co2 particles

Does acid rain effect the ozone layer?

Yes, it does. But the acid rain does not cause that much affect.

What kind of animals affect the rain forest?

the lion affect the rain forest

How does Acid Rain effect aquatic animals?

acid rain effects aquatic animals just like land plants and animals, the rain will mix with the water and make the water that the animals are is acidic causing sickness or death.

The effects of acid rain?

Acid rain can damage the environment and poison plants and animals. Acid rain can be any where from mild to very high in toxicity

Does acid rain affect germination of seeds?

Yes, acid rain does affect germination of seeds by mixing in with the soil and damaging the seed coating.

How does acid rain affect lake water animals?

Acid, acid eats things away so it will eat the fish or whatever is in the lake away ___ When acid mixed with water the water is poisonous and water animals(organisms) that consume the water are affected by it.

How do humans affect acid rain?

We build factories that create pollution; in some cases acid rain

Does acid rain affect a beans seed growth?

yes seed beans are affected by acid rain