The Crucible (play)

How does act 1 of The Crucible end?


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Betty and Abigail are chanting names of witches.

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We just got done reading the crucible and no it did not rain in act one of the play..

At the end of the act, Betty and Abagail are crying out who they saw with the devil.

They walk off stage and wait for their next scene.

At the end of act one te girls find themselves doing harsh things to John proctor because he has been a naughty boy.

What is wrong with Betty?

Go to Salem and tell the court Abigale said that it were all sport.

Proctor is given the options of either confessing to witchcraft or death.

The girls have been dancing in the woods with Tituba, and one of them has passed out. It raises the spectre of witchcraft.

John Proctor is hanged

At the end of Act 1:Hamlet suggest that he may act crazy.The audience does not know how Hamlet will avenge his father's death.

Actually, There is a Red Crucible 1. But, when I Try To Play It, It Does'nt Work.

The characters that have roles in Act 1 of The Crucibleare:Reverend Samuel ParrisTitubaAbigail WilliamsSusanna WalcottAnn PutnamMercy LewisMary WarrenBetty ParrisJohn ProctorRebecca NurseGiles CoreyReverend John HaleThomas Putnam

That he can find no medical reason for her illness, and he should look for an"unnatural reason."

Rebecca suggests that the events that occurred were merely a prank

the setting is in the Salem meeting house

proctor vows he will confront abigail

To draw attention away from themselves (and what they were doing in the woods) and make scapegoats out of others.

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