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The Crucible (play)

The Crucible is a 1952 play written by Arthur Miller in response to Congress' actions towards accused communists. In his play, he compares the hunt for communists to the famed Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Despite the connection, the Crucible cannot be considered a factual depiction of the witch trials

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How is the Crucible injustice?

The events in Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" are used by him to mirror the events in America of the time. At the time it was written, a crazy senator named Joseph McCarthy used fear to sway the Americans to persecute and arrest certain people for "communism" without any proof at all. They could be famous actors or actresses, random men and women, anything, and, without having done anything wrong, would get arrested for Communism. In the play, two crazy kids decide...
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How are blacklisting and the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller related?

Arthur Miller wrote "The Crucible" an an analogy, to demonstrate the similarities between blacklisting (he was blacklisted during the Red Scare) and the abuses of the Salem Witch trials of 1692. Themes similar to both the hunt for Communists and the hunt for witches: - guilt by association - the presumption of guilt rather than innocence - the conflicting agendas of public officials - the hidden motivations of witnesses - the obsession of a society with an unproven, unseen threat - the power of a government...
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What lie did elizabeth proctor tells danforth?

that her husband never had an affair
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Why are the stage directions in the crucible so important?

So if a class or group were to actually preform it, they would know where to stand where and when. On top of that, it helps readers envision the play in their minds better. ...
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What are Parris' reasons for being insecure in act 1 The Crucible?

He is a paranoid figure in the play. His thoughts revolved strongly around his reputation, wealth, and his job. In the beginning, his predominant reason for being worried about Betty Parris was that if word got out about him, a healthily religious reverend, having a daughter who was overtaken by witchcraft, the rest of the town would likely not trust him as much to protect them from the evils of witchcraft anymore. That would certainly hurt his reputation within the town, as...
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How do you use crucible tongs?

to use crucible tongs you grab the ends and put the other ends around the crucible firmly so it does not slip and pick up ...
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What is Abigail Williams motivation for doing what she does?

Her motivation to doing what she does is to capture John Proctors heart. She does whatever it will take to get him back from Elizabeth, the love of John's life. ...
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Ezekiel Cheever acts as during the witch Trials?

He often was the one to file the official complaints against the accused.
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John Proctor poems analysis of In the Murree hills?

In this poem the poet has praised God's intelligence and nature's beauty He says that the aroma of Murree is so sweet that it seems someone has sprayed perfume.The valleys are also beautiful and the smaller streams are meeting bigger ones.Murree is pleasantly different from the rest of Punjab as Murree is wetter and has loads of greenery.The superb colored butterflies add to the beauty of the plants which are already so beautiful.At noon the mist evaporates into the shiny skies and the...
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Why does Abigail live with reverend parris?

Because her parents died when she was young.
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In The Crucible who was the mob mentality?

The "mob mentality" theme in the crucible isn't necessarily one person it's the entire group, moving in an unorganized direction towards the same thing: burning people who may or may not have been witches. In the Crucible, you don't get to see where it really starts, but what you do see is the first person to actually name someone as a witch, Abigail. After Abigail, the accused accuse other people, those people accuse other people, etc., Thus leading to the "mob mentality"...
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What are crucible tongs and how are they used?

Crucibles are porcelain-like containers used in chemistry to heat substances to very high temperatures. Crucible tongs are large pincers made of welded steel that are used to grasp and take a hot crucible out of a fire or furnace, or to move a crucible from one location to another. ...
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How old was Mary Warren during the Salem Witch Trials?

She is believed to have been 17.
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Describe the town of 'The Crucible'?

a small colonial town around 17th century in Salem Mass.
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In The Crucible Act you Reverend Parris acts concerned about his daughter but what is the true motive for his concern?

His true concern is that he will get a bad reputation because his daughter was found doing what they believe to be devils work. Dancing, singing, any act of entertainment was frowned severly on. they would be whipped if it was discovered that they do things of these sorts. ...
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Was Tituba regarded as a good Christian?

she herself considered herself as a good christian but by the public she was not. she was said to practice a witch religion. ...
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Why is mary warren so afraid to do as john asks?

Because she does not want the same fate as the previously convicted girls. Right now she is not being accused, but doing what Proctor asks may place her in danger ...
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Why is the poppet found in act important?

It looks like evidence that Elizabeth is a witch.
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Who accused John Proctor of witchcraft?

John Proctor was near 60 years old when the Salem witch trials began, and was a tall and outspoken man. During the witchcraft hysteria he disparaged the trials and accused the girls of lying. When his wife and children were accused of witchcraft he proclaimed the innocence of his family. This made him a direct target of the accusers and he was the first man to be accused. Espo wrote a letter to authorities in Boston, Massachusetts to alert them to...
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How do you convince your husband that he does not need to lie to you?

First, you haven't provided enough detail. Whether he needs to lie to you is a part of his personality. If he does things he thinks he needs to lie about then perhaps you are asking the wrong questions. Think about asking "why" and also "will you agree to go to a marriage counselor to sort this out?". ...
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How do you cite the novel The Crucible?

Miller, A. The Crucible. (Penguin Classics, New York: 2003). And it's a play, not a novel. ...
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Where can you find a monologue - Abigail Williams from The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Shut up! All of you. We danced. That is all, and mark this, if anyone breathe a word or the edge of a word about the other things, I will come to you in the black of some terrible night, and I will bring with me a pointy reckoning that will shudder you! And you know I can do it. I saw Indians smash my dear parents' heads on the pillow next to mine. And I have seen some reddish...