How does air resistance affect skiing?


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Air resistance slows you down which is why ski racers wear tight suits to minimize air resistance.

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Fluid density, relative velocity, and object shape affect air resistance.

Not "affect"; the word is "effect" in this case. Yes, air resistance has an effect on projectiles.

Air resistance is proportional to the cube of speed.

Air resistance and friction with the snow.

Air resistance causes friction and slows an object.

Without air resistance, there would be no such thing as terminal velocity.

Air resistance creates friction and slows a falling object.

the amount of air resistance on an object depends on the size, shape, and speed of the object. Air resistance is the force that opposes the motion of objects through air.

spinning changes the direction of movement in air,thus affects the air resistance

Air Resistance slows the fall of an object, and Gravity speeds it up.

Air resistance will determine the "terminal volocity" based on surface area

Air resistance is basically friction between the object on the air- it has to push the air out of the way, and slows down.

it affects it by air pressure velocity

a negative one. they wont run with out air

Air resistance acts against the motion of the object. Whatever range you get when assuming no air resistance is too large.

the same that it would affect any falling object. The higher the air resistance the thicker the air density. This will result in a higher drag coefficient and will slow the fall of the object.

This is false. The answer is that mass and distance affect the gravitational attraction between objects. Air resistance has no effect on this.

Shape plays a role in air resistance because some shapes block air flows causing a resistance. Shape can also cause resistance if it allows too much air to vent one way or the other.

well air resistance can make objects with a-lot of surface fall more slowly

Resistance (newtons) = velocity( in m/s)2 * drag coefficient of the object

Reducing air resistance would give your car better gas mileage, and improve your time in speed skating, cycling, and downhill skiing, among many other sports.

It tends to reduce air (or water) resistance.

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