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yes it does but the gravity is 38% of the earths gravity and if doesn't affect objects then it will have no moon

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Q: Does Mars' gravity affect other objects?
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How would the gravity of mars affect the landing of a spacecraft?

Does mars' gravity affect other objects. yes it does but the gravity is 38% of the earths gravity and if doesn't affect objects then it will have no moon.

Why does Mars have gravity?

Everything that has matter has gravity - even you. The more mass something has, the greater gravitational force it exerts on other objects with mass.

What has greater gravity mars or venus?

For objects on the surface of each planet, Venus has.

Why is there no gravity on Mars?

Whoever told you that Mars has no gravity was pulling your chain, and you fell for it. There is a force of gravity between every two objects in the universe that have mass, and it doesn't matter where they are. The acceleration of gravity on Mars is 3.71 meters per second2 ... about 38% of what it is on Earth.

How is Mars different to earth?

well mars is red and has less gravity not holding down as well as earth objects

Is Mars filled with gravity?

Filled with gravity? It does have gravity, just not as great as Earth's since it is smaller. The greater an object, the more gravity it has to pull objects close to it.

Why does Jupiter have a gravitational pull on Mars?

Due to the mass of Jupiter being so large, it's gravity is therefore felt by Mars. All objects with mass have gravity.

Where does the gravity on Planet Mars pull you too Is it to the core downwards or just that there is no gravity on the planet Mars If not then why?

The gravity on Mars or any other planet pulls you toward the planet's center.

Why do objects weigh less on mars than they do on earth?

because there is no gravity on mars and it doesnt pull down on the object to make it heavier

How does the rover not float away while you are on mars?

As with any object, Mars does have gravity. It may not be as strong as on earth, but it is there and it attracts objects to its surface.

What is Mars gravity?

The gravity on Mars is about 0.38 that of Earth.

How does the curiosity not float away while on Mars?

Just like Earth's gravity holds you to Earth, and doesn't let you float away, Mars, too, has some gravity (less than Earth), which won't simply let objects float away into space.

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