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Alcohol has a serious impact on the ability to drive safely. Some of the effects of alcohol are impaired reaction times, poor judgement, impaired vision, reduced concentration, and sleepiness.

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Why is the influence of alcohol especially dangerous for teen drivers?

it can impair your judgement

Does anyone know how teen drinking can affect my body /?

The teen years are a time of adventure, challenges, and taking risks. Alcohol is often one of the risks young people take. But most people dont know how alcohol affects a teens body and behavior. They dont realize that alcohol can affect young people in different ways from adults.

How can alcohol and drugs affect teens?

That's far too broad a question. Some teens are uneffected by drugs and alcohol, others may develop an addiction. The effects differ from teen to teen. But the rate of addiction is high for those who start using drugs or alcohol younger.

Where would a teen abuse alcohol?

At home, at a friend's, at parties, at college -- anyplace where alcohol can be obtained by a teen.

Do teen drivers need special coverage in Florida Who provides valid Florida insurance for teen drivers?

Cost of insurance policies for young drivers depends on where you purchase your car insurance. Adding a teenage driver to your policy will probably make your premiums go up, but teen drivers are to be insured regardless. You will have to call around to see what is reasonable at several insurance companies to insure teen drivers and get the best quote.

What restrictions are there on teen drivers in Ohio?


What are the risks of teenage alcohol use?

The teen drinking is very dangerous for the developing mind and body of the young person - alcohol may have long-lasting effects on intellectual capabilities and may increase the likelihood of alcohol addiction, also there is a risk of later alcohol dependence. Drinking teen drivers are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal crash as the others drinking drivers. High school students who drink are twice as likely to have seriously considered attempting suicide, as compared to nondrinkers. Adolescents who drink are more likely to engage in risky sexual activities.

Does temperature affect the weight of alcohol?

yes, it do affect the alcohol

Are parents responsible for teen drivers who have accidents?


How many teen drivers crash into adults?

a lot

Is tagging teen drivers a good idea?

Yes it is.

How does alcohol affect your cholesterol?

alcohol affect your cholesterol it incise hdl

Does alcohol affect Mirena?

Alcohol does not affect how well Mirena works.

Do aggressive cutt off people more than alcohol-impaired drivers?

It depends on how aggressive the alcohol-impaired drivers are.

Do all car insurance companies in Georgia accept teen drivers?

Yes, car insurance companies in Georgia accept teen drivers. The best one that accepts teenage drivers is AAA. It has the cheapest prices and is the easiest for them to get on.

Can alcohol affect you mentally?

Yes, alcohol can affect you mentally. Alcohol has the ability to affect how fast you process information, and how logically you think and decide.

How does gambling affect your society?

it affect to teen adult

How much do teen driver policies cost?

Teen drivers policies cost a bit more because they are new drivers. You can add about 50% to your own premium if you add your teen to your policy. Usually about $500.00 for 6 months of insurance.

Why is teen crashes a problem for teen drivers?

they mat be txting on there phone or blaring music etc. sometimes it may not be their faukt it could be the other driver. also if drivers have dislexia.

What are the release dates for The Weather Channel Teen Drivers - 2012 TV?

The Weather Channel Teen Drivers - 2012 TV was released on: USA: 8 August 2012

Who had the lowest rate for drivers in alcohol related fatal crashes?

Truck drivers

does alcohol affect period flow?

The alcohol in not known to affect the flow of menstruation.

What auto insurance caters to teen drivers?

Companies like Allstate and State Farm offer discounts for teen drivers based on GPA, enrollment in certain classes or educational programs, as well as passing a parent's earned discounts on to the teen.

How many dead teen in drivers in Australia were drunk?


Does Illinois have car insurance for teen drivers?

In answer to your question, teen drivers can get insurance in Illinois. However, they must be covered under their parents' auto insurance policy. The cost will be higher for the parents.

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