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well some times i see him wearing lose clothes but sometimes i see him wearing tight clothes but not to tight and he loves to wear dorags and wear tattoes and sleeveless shirts

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What does alex wolff like in a girl?

Alex wolff likes a girl who is cool and likes him and you have to like the naked brothers band of course

Will alex wolff like jacqima rios?

There is no way to know if Alex Wolff will like or likes Jacqima Rios. Only Alex and Jacqima know this and there are no reports of them being together.

Is alex wolff dead?

No! Alex Wolff is NOT dead!

Is Alex wolff smart?

Alex wolff is an average

Does Alex Wolff Like Doctor Who?


Does alex wolff like Justin bieber?


Does Alex wolff like Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus is actually Hannah Montana,but I don't think Alex Wolff like her mabye as a friend....Plus Nat wolff dated her once.

Are nat wolff and alex wolff brothers?

Yes Alex and Nat Wolff are brothers

Is Alex wolff a christain?

no alex wolff is currently Jewish

Does alex wolff like rosalina?

yes like a friend

Does Alex wolff really like milk?


Does alex wolff like a girl in oneida?

i doubt it

Does Alex Wolff like brunettes?

Yea he does not jude

Does alex wolff like a girl who is a good singer and a drummer?

Alex Wolff doesnt like anyone right now.... but both him and Nat has a crush on Kirsten Stewart

Does Alex and nat wolff have a sister?

No, Alex and Nat Wolff do not have a sister.

Who does Alex Wolff love?

Alex Wolff is dating Noah Cyrus x

Is alex wolff 12?

Alex Wolff is thirteen and will be 14 on November 1st.

Is alex wolff cute?

yess alex wolff is cute he is acutally awsome

Who is better looking out of Alex and Nat Wolff?

It is a matter of opinion Alex Wolff

Who does alex wolff love in real life?

Alex Wolff loves a girl called Emma Fine but i love Alex Wolff he is so hot and Nat Wolff is in love with i don't know who

Does alex wolff like girls that aren't famous?


Who does Alex Wolff like please tell you?

Sarah Maryott

Is Alex Wolff a Virgin?

Actually? He's like 10

Are nat and alex wolff still famous?

Will Nat and Alex Wolff still be famous?

Does Alex Wolff have a RuneScape account?

Unfortunately, only Alex Wolff would know.

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