How does an cloths iron work?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: How does an cloths iron work?
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What was life like before iron?

Cloths were always wrinkled.

What kind of work do people do in Peru?

they nit cloths

What does ma use to iron the girl's dresses with on Little House on the Prairie?

Well pretty much its just a piece of iron made into any iron and they heated it on the stove and when it was hot enough they would sprinkle water on the cloths and iron the clothes.

Why I have brown spots on my cloths from ironing?

Your iron needs to be cleaned periodically. If it isn't it can stain your clothes. The brown spots could also be from over ironing, burning your clothes from your iron. You may consider getting a new iron.

Can you use the micro fiber cleaning cloths as diaper liners?

Yes, they work wonderfully.

Name something a couple might argue about planning a vacation?

The amount of cloths to take.The amount of cloths to take.The amount of cloths to take.The amount of cloths to take.The amount of cloths to take.The amount of cloths to take.

Why are j-cloths called j-cloths?

J-cloths are called J-cloths because they are made by Johnson and Johnson

Why do steam rises from the wet cloths when they are ironed?

the iron is so hot it is making the moisture in the clothes evaporate at a high speed and it produces condensation (steam)

World War 1 women work cloths?

gimme a ring on 01634 225 559

Were do you get the party cloths in superbia in the quest?

you could try the pirates outfit on sstipton but it didnt work for me

What does fashion and design involve?

A fashion designer designs cloths using different fabric. She can either design accessories like bags, shoes, etc or she can opt for cloths. She has to work with the manufacturing company. If she selects for Mass Market Design, she has to work with Apparel manufacturers. On the whole she should be highly creative.

What is the keypad combination for Game Show Island?

you click the green shirt at the top of the page.the you click on what part of there cloths that you want.sometimes that don't work because some people have bloked a person from stilling their cloths. or you can't get the cloths only because you have to do something special that the game want allow you to steall therre cloths. or the game just DON'T LIKE YOU.