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old ones use LPT or Printer Port and new ones use USB


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This image scanner would need to be connected to a computer to function correctly. The scanner only has one USB port which is used to connect it to the computer. This is essential as the scanner works in conjunction with software that is installed on the PC.

A scanner works by capturing the digital image of document and uploading it to the computer. The image can then be altered and reprinted.

The flatbed image scanner is use for copying exact images of a document on the computer. It is similar to a photocopier.

a scanner allows you to turn a picture or other still image into something you can view and edit on the computer. Dave

it lets you edit an image or photograph

In computer terms, a scanner will take an image or document from a page, and bring in into the computer. A printer will take an image or document, and put that information onto a page.

Digitizing an image involves capturing it from paper using a scanner for presentation and storage on the computer. On the computer, the now-digital image can be improved image processing tools.

The first image scanner developed for use with a computer was a drum scanner. It was built in 1957 at the US National Bureau of Standards by a team led by Russell A. Kirsch

It is both. It inputs an image and then outputs that image to your computer or prints it out, your choice.

No, your image scanner along with any other hardware that you may have does not need to be the same brand as your computer. Any scanner that you buy will come with a set of CDs that will include the software and drivers that your computer requires in order to run the scanner using your computer. Most computers now have the capability to work with almost any brand of hardware.

Both. It takes input from the computer, telling it when and how to scan the image, and it outputs the image.

A computer scanner is a device that when hooked up to a computer can take a physical image or document and process it into a code that the computer can take a recreate the image or document into a virtual image that can be changed, emailed or stored for future use.

Definitely not.Computer viruses cannot be contracted through a computer scanner, not to be confused with an anti-virus scanner. Although a hardware scanner inputs data into the computer from a hard copy, it's impossible for a virus to infect the computer because the text is either made into an image or as plain-text.

The first image scanner was invented 1997.

I am assuming that you mean 'What does a computer scanner transform printed material into?' It transforms it into an image file such as .bmp or .jpg. It can then be manipulated as though it were a photograph.

If there was no scanning software with the scanner then connect the scanner to the Mac, switch it on and launch Image Capture (found in the Applications folder). Image Capture will recognise most scanners.If Image Capture does not recognise the scanner then visit the Brother web site (see links below) and download their latest drivers and software.

Ray Kurzweil invented the first image scanner in 1997. The image scanner is a way of copying things with more detail.

Graphics can be input into computer by using an image scanner (or just called 'scanner'). It is a device that optically scans images or text and converts it to a digital form.

You would have to scan the paper into a scanner or a multifunctional device that contains a printer and a scanner. You might also have to have a program to let you scan the image in. Then you can save it to the computer.

This question is highly subjective, as a person may have much need, or little need, for a wide format scanner. A scanner is a type of computer equipment which reads a physical image or document, and converts it into an image on a computer. A wide format scanner deals with very wide documents and images, typically larger than 12 inches.

Take a photo of it with a digital camera, load it onto your computer and work from there.

It scans text or pictures and stores it into a computer in the form of a digital image.

you can,you need scanner and photo editing software

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