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same as most animals, food

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How does an octopus obtain and use energy?

They use energy to ink octopus

How does octopus use energy?

An octopus uses energy to move and catch prey.

How does an octopus get its energy?

by eating

How do octopus get energy to live?

By eating.

Can a octopus use energy?

Of course - all living beings use energy.

How does an Octopus use its energy?

By cruising around in the water looking for more food (energy).

How does a mantis shrimp kill a octopus?

The mantis shrimp can scratch up the octopus and make it lose energy. So, now the matis shrimp can defeat it.

How does an octopus gets its energy?

They get there energy from eating their prey just like us humna we get it from eating and drinking and sleeping.

Is an octopus living or nonliving?

Living they can move, think, eat, use energy, and reproduce

How does a mantis shrimp kill a blue ringed octopus?

It uses its legs and starts scratching it until the blue ringed octopus has no energy left. If the blue ringed octopus tries to poison it, it does nothing because the mantis shrimp has hard armor protecting it.

Is the common octopus a real octopus?

Yes, a common octopus is a type of octopus

How do octopus get energy?

by propulsion. the propel themselves through the water if you ride the Kraken you'd know.

What is considered shelter to an octopus?

a place an octopus lives a place an octopus lives a place an octopus lives a place an octopus lives a place an octopus lives

What is the singular noun for octopus?

octopus= one octopus. octopi= more than one octopus

What are some good octopus recipes?

Octopus Meze and Octopus Salad are some of the good octopus recipes.

Why is the Minoan octopus vase decorated with an octopus?

The Octopus Vase was decorated with an octopus because the Minoans believed that the octopus was a creature with great powers and the praised the octopus like a god #MEHMET AYDIN

Do octopus have bones?

An octopus is an invertebrate which means it has no backbone. No an octopus has no bones

What shape is a octopus?

An octopus is a unique shape. There is no shape that defines an octopus.

Scientific name of octopus?

The scientific name for octopus is Octopus vulgaris.

What is the largest octopus called?

It is the Giant Pacific Octopus

Is an octopus a reptile?

No, an octopus is an invertebrate and not considered a reptile.

What are examples of octopus?


Can an octopus eat a bird?

It can if the octopus was lying in the tidepool and the bird approached the octopus. It depends how big is the octopus also.

Is octopii singular for octopus?

No, octopus is singular for octopus.

Can octopus kill you?

No small types of octopuses can kill you except the blue ringed octopus. A large octopus such as the giant octopus and the day octopus can kill a human.

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