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It forces the body into breaking down its own muscle and fat cells to survive. Basically, by self-starvation anorexia makes the body consume itself. Anorexia nervosa (or simply anorexia) is an emotional disorder that can be life-threatening. It doesn

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Q: How does anorexia help people lose weight?
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How much weight loss when being anorexia for a week?

Most people gain weight in the first week of anorexia. After about a week, they start to lose, but the thinner you are, the slower you will lose weight.

How do you you lose weight anorexia?

Anorexic people eat less and exercise more, leading to a rapid weight loss.

Which makes you lose weight faster bulimia or anorexia?

Anorexia will generally cause faster weight lossthan bulimia will.

Why are teenage girls anorexic?

They are self conscious about their weight, and they will do anything to lose the weight. Anorexia is dangerous and people have even died of it.

What is the eating disorder where you feel you have to lose weight?

Anorexia Nervosa

Is this proper English grammar Jillian and I's job is to help people lose weight?

No it is it not, Jillian's job and I is to help people lose weight

When people have anorexia disorder they?

Anorexia (full name: Anorexia Nervosa) is a mental and physical disorder in which a person starves themselevs or severly restricts their calorie intake and excessively works out in order to lose weight.

Does pilates make you lose wight?

Pilates will help you lose the weight. It is a famous program to help people lose weight. Other people had also published their reviews about Pilates online and they stating that it does help them.

Does aloe juice really help you lose weight?

No. There's no kinds of certain juices or foods that help you lose weight. The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn. Usually people just say something will help lose weight to get people to buy their product.

What kind of people usually have anorexia?

People that want control, people that want to lose weight, people that want attention, people who suffered some sort of trauma...

What food can you eat that will help you lose weight fast?

people say that celery has negative calories, so i guess that will help you lose weight

Does implanon help lose weight?

The average months of use of Implanonยฎ in this study was 27 months and there was a mean increase in body weight of 2.5 kg during the study. However, there was a broad variability in the individual change in body weight with about 38.6% losing weight or not having any net weight I think implanon does not help you to lose weight... however if you are interested in Losing weight fast, then click on the link in my bio to check out my secret tips which helps me lose weight fast..

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