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Bacillus used a whip-like structure called a flagellum to move about. Some bacilli that don't have a flagella move by twitching or gliding.

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How does the eubacteria Bacillus subtilis move?

they move by swinging their body up and down

What are examples of pathogenic bacillus bacteria?

Bacillus antharacis, Bacillus cereus,

What is the scientific name for anthrax?

Bacillus anthracisBacillus anthracis

What is bacillus alvei?

it is a honeybee bacillus

Is bacillus subtilis a scientific name?

yes. Bacillus subtilis known also as hay bacillus or grass bacillus is a gram-positive catalase-positive bacterium found in soil. it is a member of the genus bacillus.

How can you test bacillus megatrium from bacillus cereus?

bacillus megatarium test positive for sucrose where creus doesnt

What is Bacillus coagulans?

Bacillus coagulans is a lactic acid forming bacterial species within the genus Bacillus.

Is Bacillus subtilis a photoautroph?

Bacillus subtilis is not a photoautotroph.

Is bacillus a bacteria?

A bacillus is a rod-shaped bacterium.

What is the shape of bacillus?

Bacillus are rod-shaped bacteria.

What has the author Bacillus written?

Bacillus. has written: 'Quaero'

Does a Bacillus have a nucleus?

A bacillus doesn't have a well-defined nucleus. In bacillus, the nucleus is represented by a ring of circular DNA.

How do you use bacillus in a sentence?

Bacillus are the type of bacteria which are causative agents of food poisoning. e.g. Bacillus Anthracis

Is it possible for bacillus subtilis to match every test except for the motility test?

Yes it is. The reason Bacillus is motile is because it is an aerobe. This means it thrives on oxygen. Inside the agar, oxygen is limited and usually it will move toward the surface where it is more oxygenated. Motility of Bacillus depends on the incubation time, environment and preparation of the agar. If all the other tests point towards Bacillus subtilis, you should be just fine.

What disease is caused by bacillus?

tetanis is the disease caused by bacillus

Oxidase of bacillus cereus?

Bacillus cereus is oxidase negative -

What does bacillus thuringiensis do?

This bacillus has insecticidal features and is used for that purpose.

Does bacillus subtilis have a capsule?

Yes it does have a capsule. Most Bacillus do.

What is the plural form of the noun bacillus?

The plural of bacillus is bacilli.

When was Bacillus odysseyi created?

Bacillus odysseyi was created in 2004.

Where is bacillus found?

Bacillus is a bacteria that is found in water and soil. Bacillus may be aerobic or anaerobic and are shaped liked rods.

What is a bacillus?

A bacillus is any of a variety of rod-shaped spore-forming aerobic bacteria in the genus Bacillus, some of which can cause diseases.

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