Infectious Diseases

How does bacteria spread?

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Typically contact with contaminated surfaces.

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Can chickens spread bacteria?

Anything can spread bacteria, including chicken.

How can the spread of bacteria be prevented?

we can prevent the spread of bacteria by taking appropriate vaccine....

Do flies spread bacteria?

Yes, they can spread bacteria. Their legs contains bacterias.

Can bacteria be spread in cold weather?

Yes. The weather has no significant effect on the spread of bacteria.

Can bacteria spread from person to person?

Yes. Many types of bacteria can spread from person.

Is bacteria affected by temperatures?

Yes, the hotter it is the easier bacteria can spread. In cooler tempatures the bacteria can't travel fast and does not spread

Does an infectious disease spread only by bacteria?

Infectious diseases spread when bacteria or viruses move from the carrier to others.

How do you prevent the spread of bacteria?

The spread of bacteria can be prevented by taking regular hygiene precautions. Hand washing, covering your mouth when coughing, and getting necessary rest when ill are examples of how one can reduce the spread of bacteria.

How does eubacteria spread?

Eubacteria is also known as simply bacteria. Bacteria spread through the air or contact with a person or object that has been in contact with the bacteria but has not been properly sanitized.

How are contagious diseases spread?

contagious diseases speared in many ways while anybody is eating the bacteria spread in air while coughing the bacteria enter in to air the bacteria goes to another person like these the contagious diseases spread

How does dehydration affect bacterial growth?

Bacteria tends to like moisture in order for it to spread, if the area is dehydrated, it may stop the spread of bacteria.

How was cholera spread in haiti?

the bacteria Vibreo Cholerae is spread through waste.

Why do bacteria spread easily?

You know, bacteria are one-cell organisms, which can reproduce by splitting themselves into half and so on. So they spread in geometrical progression and spread very fast ; but they need a medium to spread, that is, human body or so.

How can you spread bacteria?

cough or sneeze on someone

Is tooth decay a virus or bacteria?

tooth decay is a bacteria because it cannot be spread to other people. while viruses can be spread to other people.

Can hemophilia spread?

Hemophilia is a genetic disease and cannot spread like a bacteria or virus.

How do pimples spread?

Pimples are spread when you pop a pimple and the bacteria from it can spread to other areas of your face causing more pimples.

Which bacteria is spread over food if you cough over it?

that depends on the Bacteria that are in the mouth and lungs at the time.

Where do the bacteria that causes trichomoniasis come from?

Trichomoniasis is not caused by bacteria. It is a protozoal infection that is spread by sex.

How do antibiotics only cure diseases caused by bacteria?

They Spread Around and fight the bacteria to get rid of them

How are bacteria pathogens spread?

They eat grow and split

What is a virus of a plant?

yeas that is spread from bacteria and from insects

Are house flies harmful?

yes for they spread bacteria

Are bacteria spread the same way as viruses?


Do reptiles spread any bacteria to humans?