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banging the magnet makes the 'mini-magnets' inside the big magnet go back to the way they were before magnetism. xx

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Q: How does banging a steel nail reduce magnetism?
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How does banging a steel nail reduce magnetisation?

By banging a nail it causes all the tiny domains to face different directions so you end up with a non-magnetised nail.

How does banging the nail reduce magnetised?

what is on the nails is ltlle partials and the banging nocks the particle off

How do magnetize a steel nail?

Rub the nail vigorously against a magnet. The nail will now display magnetism.

How does banging the nail reduce magnetsation?

When you bang the nail the domains in the material you are banging jumble up to face different ways so the material is no longer a magnet!!

How does the magnet attract steel pin or nail?

the magnet is in matter is called magnetism

If you'r banging the nail will the magnetisation reduce?

Because the domains get muddled up and eventually return to a random order.

How does banging a nail reduce magnetisation?

It makes all the domains of the magnet jumble up ( they all turn separate ways ) So the nail is no longer acting as a magnet

What is a steel nail?

A nail made of steel.

How is electricity transformed to magnetism?

if you have a nail and a coil rapp the coil on the nail and put the nail on a magnet

Will a nail lose its magnetism if it is dropped into water?


How can you develop a magnet?

Electric current in a coil can induce magnetism in an iron nail,place near the coil.when the electric current is cut off the magnetism in the iron nail disappears.the magnetism in the nail exist so long as there is electric current in the coil.this is an electromagnet.

What happens to a steel nail in Ginger Ale?

The steel nail will rust.

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