How does blood enter a red blood cell?


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Blood contains red blood cells. Red blood cells don't contain blood. Blood does not enter the red blood cell.

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and a red blood cell or in a red blood cell? if its in a red blood cell i would say haemoglobin

The white blood cell has nucleus that red blood cell does not

If a red blood cell in placed in a solution which has a lower solute concentration - water will enter the cell (eventually causing it to burst if the concentration difference is high).

a red blood cell is red when it reaches oxegen.

red blood cells are a type of cell

This is a pictures of a red blood cell

What is the role of the red blood cell?

its is the red blood cell on our body.

Too much water would enter the cell and the cell would lyse.

The granule cell of the cerebellum is the smallest cell in the human body, but the red blood cell is the smallest blood cell.

A red blood cell is an animal cell, not a plant cell because plants don't have blood.

The function of the red blood cell

The color of a red blood cell is dark red when it is deoxygenated.

The red blood cell is permeable to urea so urea will enter the cell down its concentration gradient. This will create an osmotic gradient and so water will also flow into the red blood cell causing it to swell and possibly burst if enough water enters.

A mature red blood cell is an example of prokaryotic cell.

human red blood cell has a pH of 7.4

Special sites on the cell unlock to allow the glucose to enter. This is triggered by the presence of a chemical called insulin.

the colour of red blood cell is red cz there is blood in it. hope i helped!

A red blood cell does not have a nucleus it needs the extra space for haemoglobin. A red blood cell needs to carry oxygen around the body.

A cow's red blood cell does not have a nuclei. Most mammals do not have a nuclei in their red blood cells.

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic diseases that causes red blood cells to be shaped like sickles while normal red blood cells are shaped more like a cylinder. Malaria works by going into the red blood cells until they burst. Because of the strange shape of the red blood cells in people who have sickle cell anemia, malaria can't enter in the cells that have the sickle trait, but it can enter in the others. This way, people with sickle cell wouldn't be as adversely effected then those without it.

The difference between a red blood cell and a leaf is that a leaf contains chlorophyll to make it green instead of haemoglobin that makes a red blood cell red. A leaf has many chloroplasts when a red blood cell does not but a red blood cell has a dimple. Both have a cell membrane but only a leaf has a cell wall. Hope this helps you.

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