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How does camera night vision work?

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It uses the infrared spectrum of light. Infrared is just outside the visible spectrum of light that your eyes can see. Within the visiable spectrum are different frequencies of light that correspond to different colors. The camera actually projects a flood of infrared light invisible to your eyes. The reflected infrared light is then picked up through the camera lens and converted into the visable spectrum. Due to the fact that the light observed is outside the visable color spectrum then converted into the visable color specturm, colors as your eyes know them are not preserved. That's why "night vision" is always appears green.

2006-08-23 17:28:52
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Q: How does camera night vision work?
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Can one buy a night camera online on eBay?

Yes one can purchase night vision camera online at eBay. eBay sells night vision security cameras, webcams and indoor and outdoor night vision cameras.

Need to find a night vision camcorder?

Vivatar makes a really good night vision camera. You can find good prices for Vivatar cameras on amazon.

Parts of a infrared night vision camera?


Where can a person purchase night vision CCTV cameras online?

One can buy a night vision CCTV camera in a electronical camera online store. One can buy them on Amazon, or eBay. Here is a great choice to be found of night vision camera's.

Where can i find a night vision ccd camera.?

You can purchase a night vision ccd camera for under $300 and with free shipping at Visit this link for their listings;

How do you make night vision into therimal vision?

use electric viewfinder to display, use IR camera to get vision.

Is there anyway to hide a security camera from someone using night vision or heat vision?

Not exactly my specialty there, but I will say that night vision would probably pick up a camera, but it could easily be confused with other things like heating ducts.

Which will be more effective: a thermal camera or a camera with night vision?

Nightvision cameras work with ranges, as where thermal cameras work with the temperature. Your best choice will be a nightvision camera as some of the things you will be photographing may not produce heat, therefore would be hard to pick up on a thermal camera.

Where are night vision cameras sold at?

Some stores that sell great night vision camera are the Kodak stores and also small mom and pop stores that specialize in selling camera equipment for professionals. They can get quite expensive.

Do digital cameras have "night vision" capabilities?

Many digital camera come with infrared or night vision.It's really not that difficult for camera makers to add that feature.

Where can I buy a camera with the night vision functions?

High end electronics stores have night vision functions on their cameras. Night vision is usually found on most camcorders, as well. It would not take aesthetically pleasing pictures, however.

What are some good rated brands of wireless night vision cameras?

Some good rated brands of wireless night vision cameras are among others: Swann 420-Line-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Compact Day and Night Camera, Defender SP301-C High Resolution Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Color Surveillance CCD Security Camera.

By accident I recorded my friend's wedding in night-vision or night vision mode on his camcorder What can I do to convert the file back to black and white or color?

If you recorded it in night vision mode, it can't be converted back because the camera recorded it in night vision, it never recorded it in normal mode so no you can't convert it back.

Is there a night vision camera that would be worth the money?

Electrical predictive maintenance with an infrared camera can save money, downtime and ... Night Vision Goggle like the AN/PVS-7 head mounted dual eye system, ... to the point where they are affordable to just about any company out there

What type of security camera systems does Best Buy sell?

They sell wireless surveillance systems, security camera with night vision and network cameras that are connected to security centers. Those wireless ones work with network IP.

What are some of the cheapest color security cameras available?

One inexpensive color security camera is the Night Owl CAM-CM01-245A CCTV camera. Another inexpensive color security camera is the Lorex CVC6945 high-resolution night vision camera.

Do any wireless spy cameras have night vision?

wireless spy cameras with night vision are available. check the website : and you will find (W5802X1 with 5.8Ghz 30-LED Infrared Security Camera for Night Vision - Super Long Distance) price is $51.95

What are some good camcorder models that offer night vision?

Sony manufactures a camera, model PC-350, which has night vision. The newer Sony HDR-XR200V Handycam Recorder features full HD recording as well as night vision and a 128 GB hard drive.

What describes the effects of infrared light in a night vision camera?

Night vision cameras convert ambient light photons into electons. Those electrons are amplified by an electrical and chemical process and converted into visible light.

Where can I buy an infrared camera?

Occasionally we buy used infrared cameras for resale, please contact us for more information. Below is a partial list of used infrared cameras that we can offer. Night Vision Infrared Camera - 342 results like the 2.5" 6 LED Focusing Infrared Night Vision Rotating Car Video Camera Recorder

How much does a night vision camera cost?

These type of cameras can range anywhere from $80 to a few hundred dollars

Do night vision goggles work?

Of course. People would not buy them if they did not work, right?

What night vision cameras can we easily install ourselves?

Logitech sell night vision cameras that can be easily installed. The camera is connected to a wall power outlet. The camera includes a HomePlug network adapter which is also connected to the power outlet. A network adapter is then connected to your router. Once you've installed the software on your computer you will be able to easily view on screen what the camera is viewing.

Can nvg detect paranormal energy?

NVG in our line of work means Night Vision Goggles. And they work the same way the IR cameras work during a ghost hunt. I used to use NVGs in the early days, but a thermal camera works so much better for live viewing. Using night vision or IR cameras works great when used with a recorder device like a tape, or DVR, for later review.

How to fix a rear camera for the car?

Car rear view camera help when car parking or car reverse,it is work together with an monitor as set.First,the car camera need to install outside the car, usually at the rear of car, so it is must be water proof.If no water proof funciton,when rainning or washing the car, the camera will burnt down.Second, the night vision function also important, when parking or reversing in the night, the back up camera helps a lot really, if the camera with night vision function,it is helps a lot.As for me the car camera scale line( some body call distance line) is not so important,it is only a reference line,not so acurate, but some people also like it,that's depends.