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there is sugar in chocolate and the more suger you take in the more oxygen ur body requires to pump blood round body andd it need s oxygen to have energy and energy is brecause of the chocolate .. the sugar in it ! (( im smart )))

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Does beer raise heart rate?

Yes. Alcohol in general tends to raise your heart rate.

Can basketball raise your heart rate level?

The answer is simply, yes. Any strenuous physical activity will raise your heart rate. It may be a jog or a sport such as basketball, but any such activity will raise one's heart rate.

How can you raise your heart rate?

Any form of exercise will increase your heart rate.

Will a temperature raise your heart rate?

i want the answer please how does it effcet the heart rate ? and what is the mechanesm?

What effects do exercise and physical activities have on are heart rate?

any type of activity will raise your heart rate.

Does your emotions effect your heart rate?

Yes. Anger and anxiety, as well as others, can raise your heart rate.

How coffee effects your heart rate?

Coffee contains caffeine - which is a stimulant. Stimulants raise the heart-rate.

If cardiac muscle get stronger what will happen with heart rate?

If your heart gets stronger:Your resting heart rate will go downYour target heart rate for exercise will go upIt will be harder to raise your heart rate to the target heart rate

Does stress affect your heart rate?

yes it will raise it

Does drinking decaf coffee raise your heart rate?


Do cortisone injections raise heart rate?


What happens to your heart if you drink to much alcohol?

it becomes to raise your heart rate

Does boxing increase heart rate?

All forms of physical exertion (including boxing) will raise the heart rate.

How do you raise your heart rate?

To raise your heart rate, you need to be doing something that will cause your heart to work harder to deliver oxygen. Examples of this would be walking, jumping, and lifting. As long as your muscles need more oxygen, your heart will have to pump harder and your heart rate will therefore increase.

How does sports video game affect heart rate?

The only way it would affect your heart rate is if you got excited or nervous, which would raise your heart rate.

Does Stimulants raise your bodies blood pressure increase you breathing rate increase your heart rate and raise your body temperature?


Can Adderall effect your heart rate?

adderall is an amphetamine that will raise heart rate and blood pressure. this is why if on the drug, you are asked not to drink.

Does it have a heart rate monitor?

This model of elliptical trainer features a dual Ekg Heart rate monitor built in to the handle bars of the unit.

What are cardio strength sports?

Sports that raise your heart rate.

Does sugar effect heart rate?

Sugar (complex carbohydrates) do NOT have a direct effect on the heart rate. The chemical compounds in chocolate and coffee derived products can speed the heart rate.

How does chocolate and caffeine effect a pursons heart rate?

It increases it

How does chocolate affect the heart rate?

It has somthing like caffine in it

Does sugar have an effect on your heart rate?

It can. This depends on the amount you intake. Lets say you eat 5 chocolate bars every day. I know that's pretty far-fetched as an example but that would increase you rate over time, making you more prone to illnesses such as stroke or heart attack.

Does morphine raise or lower blood pressure?

low your heart rate

Does redbull raise heart rate?

It contains caffeine so yes.