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How does cocaine affect the brain?



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The neurotransmitter dopamine transmits brain signals by flowing from one neuron into the spaces between neurons and attaching to a receptor on another neuron. Normally, dopamine then is recycled back into the transmitting neuron by a transporter molecule on the surface of the neuron. But if cocaine is present, the drug attaches to the transporter and blocks the normal recycling of dopamine, causing an increase of dopamine levels in the spaces between neurons that leads to euphoria. Cocaine, however, attaches to the same transporter binding sites as dopamine. This means that, when cocaine is introduced, dopamine cannot bind to the dopamine transporter and is stranded in the synapses. Thus, cocaine's blocking action leads to an increase of dopamine levels in the synapses that, scientists believe, normally produce feelings of pleasure. Cocaine's action intensifies these feelings into euphoria, studies show. it makes you trip out you start seeing things it makes you loose weight according how does your body take it sometimes it just makes you get inflated (fat) it dialetes your eyes and on the come down you probly make all your body hurt your muscles