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Cocaine generally makes you feel mentally and physically alert, energetic, very talkative, no embarrassed, like you're invisible (on top of your game), while you have a numb nose and throat (providing you snorted it).

However, cocaine can make a very few people aggressive and paranoid.

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Does cocaine make you feel horny?

oh you betcha

What does cocaine high feel like?

miserable. all it does is make you have a feeling of needing more.

Drugs that make you feel hyper stimulation?

Vicodin cocaine ADHD pills (only if you DON'T have it) Vics are best;)

How does it feel to be high on cocaine?

It feels fantastico

Can you do cocaine through your vagina?

Actually you can do cocaine through your vagina. The mucous membrane will absorb it and make you feel numb down there as if you were to put it on the gums of your mouth. Some women do this right before sex to make the feeling more pleasurable.

Will depakote make you test positive for cocaine?

No! The only drug that will test positive for cocaine IS cocaine.

What is the chemical make up of cocaine?

The formula for cocaine is C17H21NO4.

What happens when your on cocaine?

you feel like you're god

What will happen if you put cocaine in your rectum?

I feel violated...

What can make your drug test come out positive for cocaine?

Try cocaine !

Does cocaine make you itch?


What does a cocaine high feel like?

ILLEGAL A waste of time and money

How long does it take to feel the effects of crack cocaine?

as soon as you ingest it.

How does cocaine make you high?

You sniff it.

What drugs make you twitch?


How long does coicaine stay in your body?

Cocaine will stay in your system for a minimum of 3 days. You will not feel the effects for this long, however. Cocaine is an illegal substance.

Why do you feel sleepy after you eat turkey?

because they eat speed and snife cocaine

Can being around cocaine make you fail a urine test?

No, only using cocaine will make you fail a urine or any drug test.

What are the ingredients used to make cocaine?

The only true ingredient is the resin from the coca plant. Anything else is added to make the cocaine white or to look like a larger quantity. Cocaine in its natural state is brown.

Does cocaine make you more horny?


Does cocaine make your back hurt?

no, LSD does

Can cocaine make your pupils small?


Does crack cocaine make you urinate?

Not Really...

How did King James feel about tobacco?

he liked weed, cocaine, pot, and other $hit

Is taking Methadone with cocaine harmful?

methadone can make you sleepy while cocaine is an upper i dont see a problem