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Well From my personal experience I had to move from Maine to North Carolina due to the cold weather and AIDS. I was in the hospital for at least a week once a month during the winter time in Maine. In living in NC for a year and a half I have only had one hospital stay. The weather just seemed to make me weak enough to catch every virus and bacteria out there.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-02 01:05:34
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Q: How does cold weather affect people with HIV?
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Does cold weather affect hiv aids patients?

It is irrelevant to AIDS patient.Cold weather can affect a normal person and so an AIDS patient. Since the patient has immunocompromised immunity the patient may feel sick more than the normal. Other than than there is no connection between cold weather and AIDS.

Who does HIV affect?

HIV is caused by people who have had sexual contact with another infected person.

What does HIV do to the immune system?

HIV attacks the T cells of the immune system so people with AIDS die from the common cold because the T cells that fight off the common cold died because of HIV

Does HIV affect the heart?

Viral infections such as HIV can definitely affect and weaken the heart.

Is true true that there are a particular group of people in Kenya who cannot get the HIV or AIDS virus.?

Yes it is true. Because there are two types of HIV. HIV 1 and HIV 2. HIV 1 and HIV 2 can never affect this people because they have different jeans. They may have the virus in them but it will never harm them but will harm you as HIV and aids terms are applied..

What sensory organs does HIV affect?

HIV, if untreated, has the potential to affect all body organs.

What does not affect the spread of HIV?

Casual contact, sweat, tears, feces, urine do not affect the spread of HIV.

How does HIV affect the economy?

how does hiv affect our economy 'Philidelphia' gave Tom Hanks career a big boost.

Is Cold the first symptom of hiv?


Is the common cold and HIV from the same virus?

No the cold virus is rhinovirus,where as HIV&AIDS is a retrovirus it reproduces by changing DNA into RNA.

Does a person with HIV poop alot?

HIV infection does not affect bowel movements.

Will cold kill HIV?

The HIV virus will die immediately it is exposed to the air. So there is no danger from dried blood or dried semen. Cold will not kill HIV. It actually stabilizes it. If stored at extremely low temperatures, HIV can "live" for months.

Does HIV affect the Red Blood Cells?

The HIV virus does not affect the red blood cells, it affects the helper T-cells.

What do people think about HIV AIDS?

What do you think about people who have HIV

Does bronchitis affect only people with hiv diseases?

No, bronchitis affects all ages of people from all races and nationalities. HIV and AIDS may cause more exotic causes of bronchitis, but all people get bronchitis from time to time.

If i mastrubate person who is affect by HIV will affect AIDS?

by all means

Are cats good for people with HIV?

Yes, cats are good for people with HIV and those without HIV.

What is the solution of AIDS?

There is no cure for AIDS or HIV. You get HIV then develop AIDS. It's kind of like getting a cold then sneezing as a symptom where the cold is HIV and the sneezing is AIDS. You can not have AIDS but not having HIV. Using protection during sex, not sharing needles, and staying away from blood can lower your chance of getting HIV.

Do all HIV infected people die?

Everyone dies. This is regardless if you have HIV or not. The only real issue that HIV+ people (like myself) are more prone to ifection of things like the flu or the common cold. Not every HIV patient dies from HIV. With advaces in medicine, there are medications that can keep you going and healthy so you can live an almost normal life. HOWEVER; if an HIV patient DOES NOT take care of themselves, they could die sooner.

How does HIV affect the business?

I dnt knw

Does antibiotics affect the outcome of HIV tests?


What areas of the body does HIV affect?


Can you have hiv and trichomoniasis together?

Yes, you can have both HIV and trichomoniasis. Most people with HIV don't have trich, and most people with trich don't have HIV.

How is an HIV infection different from s cold virus infection?

HIV attacks the helper T cells

Is hiv tested for in a standard preemployment physical?

HIV testing is not typical in a pre-employment physical. HIV infection does not typically affect employability.