How does commercial property insurance differ from residential property insurance?


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Commercial property insurance is often higher because the space in question is being used for a business that may or may not fail. However, residential property insurance applies directly to the resident or owner and is less risky.

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Commercial leases are generally locked up for a much longer term then residential leases, and it's much, much harder to break a commercial lease. One big difference between commercial leases and residential leases that a lot of people don't realize is that commercial leases are not subject to many of the consumer protection laws that residential leases are. Make sure you know what you're getting into before signing. Most commercial leases are NNN which require the lessee to pay all utilities, insurance, and property taxes. Most residential leases are on a Gross rental basis and do not directly pay NNN charges. Commercial Appraiser

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That depends on the individual contract. Insurance products differ.

When it comes to property insurance there are several factors one must consider. One of these factors is always the cost. It will differ from customer to customer depending on needs , value and of course what one is able to afford. Whether cheapest is always better comes down to opinion of the customer them self.

There are companies that solely do residential plumbing. They are most likely independent companies that are easy to locate. Residential and business plumbing greatly differ, so there are companies that are not prepared to try their hand at business plumbing.

Not really, each company differ in the states they operate in and some are international. Liberty Mutual is now operating in China. In the United States, all insurance companies are regulated by each individual states. You can check your state's department of insurance to see if they do individual ranking.

That is usually determined by the laws of the state in which the residential property is located. In some instances the mortgage holder will refer to the terms of the original contract, but the homeowner can, ask assistance fromt he court if the alloted times greatly differ.

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Like other vehicle insurance, van insurance can be broken down into three general categories. These are Fully Comprehensive Insurance; Third Party, Fire, and Theft Insurance; and third party insurance.

Some aspects of insurance coverage that can differ by state are: Auto Liability, Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist, Rental Reimbursement and Emergency Road Services.

Landlord insurance will differ state to state, so check the site of your insurance company or call them for recommendations for a local company who offer landlord insurance

If the driveway is on private property then in most states it is considered private property. Though laws differ still per state on this.

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