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Q: How does computer know whether on instruction you typed is a program?
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How does computer know whether an instruction you typed is a program?

its nice

What is the thing that reads what you type?

The thing that reads what you type is a software program called a "natural language processing (NLP) system" that interprets and analyzes the text input to generate a response.

Real-time typed conversation on a computer?

Real time typed conversation on a computer is known as a chat.

Why was the computer monitor invented?

so u can see what you typed on the computer

How can you find everything typed on your computer?


What is another phrase for 'typed up'?

The only equivalent phrase for typed up would be, entered on my computer.

Can a will be typed?

Most wills are typed or printed via computer. They still have to be signed, witnessed and perhaps notarized.

What is the meaning of the word keyloggers?

A keylogger is a program that will log all keys pushed on a computer. A keylogger logs all sites that are typed in as well as all passwords, and searches entered.

What do spell checkers mean?

A spell checker is a small program, that compares the words typed by the user - to the list already stored on a computer (or word-processing program). If the user's word is not found - it is usually indicated onscreen so that changes can be made.

One character typed in the computer takes how much space in the computer memory?


What has the author Robert Cartwright written?

Robert Cartwright has written: 'A practical formal semantic definition and verification system for TYPED LISP' -- subject(s): LISP (Computer program language)

What is voice output?

It's a facility where the computer is able to 'read' back what you've typed commonly used by blind or visually impaired people. Basically the user types a letter, document or whatever, then activates the program. The program reads back the text in the document - so the user can hear what they've typed - and thus discover if they've made any mistakes.