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How does crogunk evolve?

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Croagunk evolves at level 37. Best moves for when it evolves are Mud Bomb, Faint Attack, Nasty Plot and Sucker Punch. Keep these moves and these are my straigies for battling. Get a Nasty Plot off the bat then go for some Mud Bombs and Faint Attacks.

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When does crogunk evolve?

Crogunk evolves into toxicroak at level 37.

Can crogunk evolve by using a stone?

no he can not [:

When does crogunk evolve in Pokemon white?

Croagunk will evolve into Toxicroak at level 37.

How to evolve crogunk?

Croagunk evolves at level 37.

What level does crogunk evolve at on Pokemon diamond?

level 37

Pokemon Pearl when does crogunk evolve?

croagunk evolves at level 37

Will crogunk evolve by a stone on Pokemon indigo?

no it will evolve at lv. 37 hope this helps you trust me you need it.

What level does crogunk evolve?

at level 32 no the person above me is wrong it evolves at leval 37 or you have to have its happines maximum

What area of the great marsh zone is crogunk in?

crogunk is found in area 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.

Where can you catch a crogunk in HeartGold?


How do you catch a toxicroak in Pokemon diamond?

You can find them in the Great Marsh. You'll hardly ever see one there, however, so it's probably better just to find a crogunk there and evolve it. :)

When does crogunk?

that doesnt make any scence

Pokemon platinum when your in postari city there is a sign that you can stick your face in well one time i stuck my face in there and a crogunk appeared and went into the great marsh so what i do?

The Crogunk is for entertainment

How do you catch crogunk in soul silver?

Safari Zone(Uncommon)

How many times has brock been poison jabbed by crogunk?

a hundred

How do you get a crogunk?

To obtain crogunk, go to the Pastoria Great Marsh. Crogunk is one of the 14 Pokemon in the marsh who changes the area in which you find them each day. Head upstairs to the observatory room and peer through a telescope. It may show Crogunk in a picture over a certain area in the marsh. Head there and you will find him occasionally. To make sure that you are in the right area to find him, look for a landmark when sighting him/her in the telescope. Ex: rock,tree, bush, pedestrians and so forth.If you have trouble cathing crogunk, just stay in that area, and keep trying. Never throw mud or bait at him/her for he/she usually flees. Just keep throwing safari balls at him/her and eventually you will succeed!

Why does crogunk use poison jab on brock?

to stop him from advancing on girls, misty pulled his ear in the kanto and johto series and max pulled his ear in hoenn, crogunk is merely taking the role of these two characters on sinnoh.

What is with the weird guy who goes into great marsh when you put your face in the crogunk picture?


What is the best starter in Pokemon glazed?

from my side chimchar because you can catch a crogunk

What number is crogunk on Pokemon diamond national dex?

Sinnoh Pokedex #129, National #453.

What is the purpose of the crogunk walking into the great marsh in Pokemon platinum?

theres really no purpose. when it happend to me, i went in and the first Pokemon i encouterd regrdless of section was a shiny crogunk. i don't know if it was pure luck or game glitched, but honestly if it was luck, theres no purpose.

How do you get a toxicroak in Pokemon Platinum?

you first get a crogunk in the marsh like safari zone and level him up to level 47

Where do you get a crogunk?

you have to go to the safari zone with blocks added otherwise just trade one from diamond/pearl or platinum

Where to catch toxicroak in Pokemon black?

You ccan not catch a wild Toxicroak to catch a Crogunk it is at route 8 but only when it is a swarm

What is Looker's from Pokemon Platimun real name?

well, all we know is that looker had a pokemon which was crogunk. his name may be revealed in pokemon x and y

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