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Gary Paulsen. This story is based on his life.

"Dirk The Protector" by Gary Paulsen was in Minnesota during the mid 1900's.

Yes, Gary has a pet. He has a dog named Josh.He used to have 9 dogs in total: Cookie, Snowball, Ike, Dirk, Rex, Caesar, Fred, Quincy, and Josh.

Gary Paulson. This is the memoir of the popular writer.

Cookie, Snowball, Dirk, Rex. Ceaser, Fred, Quincey, Ike, and Josh

The cast of Surviving Dirk - 2009 includes: Paul Alpert as Rob Dave Gaule as Gary Goodman James Midgett as Nutrition Store Customer Daniel Probst as Dirk Pamela Urso as Window Woman Chris Wann as Johnny

Dirk is a Scots word for a short dagger. Perhaps you were named after a famous Dirk such as the explorer Dirk Hartog or the actors Dirk Bogarde or Dirk Benedict.

A 'dirk' is a dagger commonly used by the Scottish. "He stabbed him with a dirk." "She withdrew her dirk."

Dirk Benedict's birth name is Dirk Niewoehner.

Dirk Nowitzki is from Germany.

you can find dirk hartog facts at dirk hartog biography

Dirk Nowitzki's birth name is Dirk Werner Nowitzki.

Dirk Been's birth name is Dirk W. Been.

Dirk Blocker's birth name is Dennis Dirk Blocker.

Dirk Triebel's birth name is Dirk Simplizius Triebel.

Dirk Ellis's birth name is Dirk Eugene Ellis.

Dirk Zeelenberg's birth name is Dirk Jan Zeelenberg.

even if dirk won a title lebron still plays better than dirk. lebron won an mvp and dirk didn't. so lebron is probably better than dirk.

Dirk Sterckx's birth name is Dirk Jozef Maria Sterckx.

Dirk Hoult's birth name is Dirk William Franklin Hoult.

Dirk Buyse's birth name is Dirk Jozef Bert Buyse.

A dirk is a kind of dagger.

Dirk Kuyt is christian

facts on Dirk hartog :)