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Dissolving takes place when you are trying to make a solution out a mechanical mixture by adding a solute (something that gets dissolved) and a solvent (something that does the dissolving) together and when there is enough solvent to dissolve the all of the solute. When all of the solute is dissolved it becomes a solution which usually appears to be clear.

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Why does dissolving take place?

Dissolving takes place to turn a mechanical (heterogeneous) mixture into a solution (homogeneous solution).

Is dissolving sugar in water a chemical property?

No dissolving of sugar is not a chemical property because no reaction takes place.

Is dissolving salt in water a physical or chemical change?

Dissolving salt in water is a physical change- no chemical reaction took place. If the water evaporates, the salt is still there.

What is dissolving?

Dissolving is the process of going into a solution; 'the dissolving of salt in water'

What is the medical term meaning clot-dissolving?

Thrombolytic means clot-dissolving.

Reversible and irreversible reactions that take place in everyday life?

Irreversible : Frying eggs, Making a cake, Toasting bread... Reversible: Melting ice Boiling water Dissolving sugar in water....

How the digestion take place?

It begins as soon as you put a piece of food in your mouth. First part of digestion is the surrounding of the food by the saliva. This helps in breaking down and dissolving the food for further processing.

Will toluene dissolve in water?

Not under normal conditions, no. Toluene is a hydrocarbon, and is therefore non-polar. Water is strongly polar. They have incompatible intermolecular attractions, so no dissolving will take place.

Dissolving without water?

that means it is not dissolving

Substances that does the dissolving?

The substance that does the dissolving is the solvent.

Is dissolving coffee reversible?

Dissolving coffee is reversible.

Is the ozone layer dissolving?

It was dissolving. It is due to CFC's.

What is the opposite word of dissolving?

non - dissolving......i guess

Is an antacid tablet dissolving in a glass of water chemical change?

Dissolving is a physical change. But if you're talking about Alka Seltzer, which bubbles and fizzes, then that's a chemical change taking place. See related link.

When solute particle size increases the rate of dissolving?

No, if the particle size increases the rate of dissolving would be much slower. This is because it takes place at the surface of the particle so if its larger is would be slower. So if he particle size is smaller the rate of dissolving will increase much quicker depending on the size.

Is it ok to take dissolvable aspirin without dissolving it?

my partner took two asprins without disolving them but did take it with water is it ok

Dissolving a hard boiled eggs shell?

maybe in vinegar but it will take a very long time

Can wonwm take khula with his husband in Islam?

there is right of dissolving marriage only have man in Islam

What effect does water temperature have on dissolving antacid tablets?

The colder the tablet the longer it will take for it to dissolve.

What is interpretation of data?

a:the dissolving of only salt A was endothermic b:the dissolving of only B was endothermic c:the dissolving of both salt a and A and salt B was endothermic d:the dissolving of salt A was exothermic and the dissolving of salt B was endhothermic

What happens if you place seroquel under your tongue?

Seems that it works faster and stronger. That was my reaction when dissolving under the tongue.

What type of change is taking place when a substance is dissolving?

Physical change. Reversible, By evaporating the solution [Dissolved mixture]

How do you use dissolving in a sentence?

The sugar began dissolving into the water.

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