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Drag effects paper airplane just as it affects anything else that moves. It is either parasitic or induced on paper airplanes. Drag may reduce a paper airplanes speed and/or range.

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2011-12-30 23:29:15
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Q: How does drag effect a paper airplane?
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How does the a paper parachute effect a paper airplane?

A parachute of any material on a paper airplane will create drag, which may reduce its range and speed.

Does the disign of a paper airplane effect it?

Yes, the design of a paper airplane can effect its performance.

Does a hole affect a paper airplane?

The effect of a hole on a paper airplane would depend on the type of paper airplane the hole is on, and where it is on the aircraft.

How does the drag effect the following motion of airplane?

It slows the plane down.

What forces affect a paper airplane?

lift ,thrust ,drag and gravity/weight/mass

Does the length of a paper airplane effect the distance of the airplanes flight?

its cause of paper .

Does the type of paper you use effect the distance an airplane will fly?


How does air effect how far a paper airplane goes?

by with are grown nothing

How does a paper airplane apply Newton's 3 laws?

First law: The speed of the paper airplane remains constant unless acted upon by an external force. At launch, until thrown by someone, the airplane is at rest. In the air, drag (friction) is slowing the aircraft down.Second law: The airplane's acceleration at every instant is equal to the sum of all the forces on it divided by its mass.Third law: As the paper airplane's wings generate lift, they are subject to gravity. When thrown, the airplane has thrust, but drag is also generated.

How could the effect of shape on the glide range of a paper airplane - be summarized?

The shape of a paper airplane impacts its performance characteristics, including its glide range.

What does a construction paper airplane do to be slow?

It falls slowly because it is light, but also because the rough, flexible paper has more drag than stiffer writing paper.

What should fly farther a small paper airplane or a bigger paper airplane with the same design?

bigger, there is more drag in proportion as it gets smaller, but other factors of strength and weight may have to be taken into account

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