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makes you drowsy and tired


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Drugs effect nerves in your body that can paralyze you so you wouldn't be able to play sports

Drugs and alcohol can affect the body in very negative ways. These ways can make you unable to participate in sports and fitness related activities. Drugs and alcohol can reduce your endurance, they can slow your reflexes, and they can also cloud your judgment, all of this would be bad for any athlete.

Drugs can affect your body in number of ways. Drugs most likely affects you brain and brain cells. Drugs can also affect your kidneys, heart, and even your appearance. In the end it is not worth even trying drugs. It depends on what kind of drug but most drugs affect what I just stated above.

Psychoactive drugs affect the brain, which is a part of the nervous system.

drugs that affect our thinking and changes our body

All drugs affect the functioning of the body.

In it, drugs circulate throughout the whole body

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with the human body. More specifically how drugs affect normal body functions.

They kill alot of your cells

thingds that are not very nice....

Yes, any substance that is harmful to your body will affect your chakras.

It means that like if you take drugs it can mess up your lungs,heart,and other things in the human body system.

diet will surely affect sports performer. One must keep the body healthy ,so that he can carry out sports without any weakness.

They hurt your body. Each drug hurts different things.

yes it does cause it can get inside of your body and kill you

Every drug in the world effects you believe it or not

Drugs ruin your body no matter what, drugs either make you extremely skinny, or make you fat. Most drugs cause you to itch alot and scratch at your skin causing scars all over your body expecially your face and arms.

Drugs are horrible to your body and mind. They make your mind think other than you want it to and there is no control over your body. It can make you harm yourself and others.

there is a chemical in your body that has a cell and when you take drugs it blows your entire body into midair

they could kill you and tgen you woud die and then you couldn't live a perfect life because you did drugs

Chemotherapy is the treatment of Cancer with drugs. It is a challenging process that can affect the entire body.

your body warmth and global warming will melt you!

Any substance other than food can/will affect the way your mind or body works.

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