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How does dusclops evolve?

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Dusclops will evolve into Dusknoir when you trade it while holding the Reaper Cloth. Here are some directions on how to get a Reaper Cloth.

1. Go to the resort area. (You'll need a national pokedex and you have to have already beat the Elite 4.)

2.When you get there, stand in front of the Pokemon center and make a right from where you're standing at the hole in the fence.

3. Keep going straight until you see a female ace trainer ahead.

4. Make a left at where the ace trainer is.

5. Keep going left until you see some trees and a couple of small trees you can cut.

6. Cut one of the trees and go in.

7. Finally, go in and look for a pokeball (which is really an item). The pokeball is a reapers cloth.

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What does dusclops need to evolve?

To evolve Dusclops into a Dusknoir, you have to trade it while it is holding a Reaper Cloth.

What level does dusclops evolve at?

dusclops doesnt evolve until diamond/peral and beyond. but when you get those games dusclops will evolve when you trade him when he is holding the reaper cloth during trade

How do you evolve dusclops in platinum?

You can evolve Dusclops by trading it to someone while it's holding a Reaper Cloth and it will evolve into a Dusknoir.

How can you get dusclops to evolve?

you can let dusclops evolve if you do two things: 1 give him a reaper cloth. 2 trade him. if you trade your dusclops while he is holding his reaper cloth than he will evolve.

Does dusclops evolve?

yes it evolve to a dusnoir

What does duskull evolve into?

Duskull will evolve into Dusclops.

When do Pokemon duskull evolve?

Lv 40 to evolve into Dusclops. Evolve Dusclops by giving it the Reaper's Cloth (Google to find where that is) and trade.

How do you evolve Dusclops in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

you get a reaper cloth and link cable for dusclops to evolve

Is there another way to make dusclops to evolve?

the only way you can make dusclops evolve is trading it with a Reaper Cloth

What level does dusclops evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Dusclops does not evolve by level, but becomes Dusknoir when traded with a Reaper Cloth.

What level does duskul evolve?

It evolves at level 37 into dusclops then if you trade dusclops with a 'reaper cloth' it will evolve again into duscnoir

How do you get a red dusclops?

You must evolve a shiny Duskull, or catch a shiny Dusclops.

How does dusclops evolve in hoein?

you can't evolve him in the hoenn region

Does Duskull evolve into Dusclops?

yes it does

What level does dusklops evolve?

It doesnt evolve by level. Dusclops evolves into dusknoir when you make dusclops hold a reaper cloth and trade it.

How does Dusclops evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Dusclops evolves during a trade in Pokemon indigo.

What Pokemon do you give the reaper cloth?

Give it to Dusclops, trade it and Dusclops will evolve into Dusknoir.

When does duskul evolve?

Duskull evolves into Dusclops at level 37. Dusclops can further evolve into Dusknoir by trading it while it is holding a Reaper Cloth.

How do you evolve Duskull?

Duskull evolves into Dusclops starting at level 37.

When does dusclops evolve?

give it the reaper cloth and trade it someone and then trade it backin generation III (3) (hoenn) when it was introduced, it was true dusclops didn't evolve. but as of generation IV (4) (sinnoh) you have to trade dusclops with a reaper cloth to evolve it into dusknoir.

How do you get dusclops in Pokemon Sapphire?

evolve duskull

Where you get dusclops Pokemon ruby?

Evolve it from a duskull

What level does dusclops evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Dusclops is a ghost Pokemon with an 11.8% catch rate. Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir beginning at level 37. In order to evolve, it must be traded while holding the Reaper Cloth.

What Pokemon loves the reaper cloth?

Dusclops. Trade a Dusclops holding a Reaper Cloth to evolve it into Dusknoir.

What do you need for dusclops to evolve in platinum?

you have to trade it with someone. before you trade it, you have to give your dusclops a reaper cloth