How does electric golf carts work?

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an electric motor drives the cart, similar to an electric car or a gocart.
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Where is the governor on an electric golf cart?

There are no governors on electric golf carts. What you can do is tear off the front cover, which is almost the hood of the cart, if you will. After you have torn it off, you will see a hinge that you will need to take a welding gun or an Allen wrench to,depending on what brand car you have. Then yo ( Full Answer )

Need a wiring diagram for gps that work on a golf cart?

You are better off to purchase a new system that can be easily installed or removed from your golf cart and put in any other vehicle if wanted. The latest technology offers that and much more, it is called the Millennium Plus and is available from at a very reasonable price.

Where can I get a golf cart wiring diagram?

See Related Links . See the Related Links for "Valley View Golf Carts Can help" to the bottom for the answer.. You can ask those guys at Valley View Golf Carts and they can e-mail you what you need. You can also go to Buggiesunlimited that I have included and search for what you need. You will h ( Full Answer )

Is there a governor on electric golf carts?

No A lot of golf carts now if they are electric have motor controllers that can be programmed. Check with the Buggies Unlimited or Buggies Gopne Wild Golf Cart Forum

What is better gas or electric golf carts?

Answer . There is no better gas or electric. Only what works better for you and what you are using it for. Some hunters prefer electric because they are quiet while other hunters prefer gas because they might be farther out than an electric can carry them. We use electrics at work simply because ( Full Answer )

Why does your club car electric golf cart seem to run slow?

if all your batteries are good and charged up you have a bad speed solenoid if your cart is older than 1993. But, if its a newer cart you could have a bad controller box. Make sure your batteries are good, it only takes one bad cell in one battery to mess things up sometimes

What is the weight of a gas golf cart?

The information below is the dry weight without batteries or modifications direct from the manufacturer. Most often electric golf carts weigh less than gasoline golf carts. Club Car Precedent Electric: 495 Pounds Club Car Precedent Gas: 606 Pounds Club Car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 Pounds Club Ca ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart?

On the road? Ya need a driver's license.. In the community? Teenager, but not an idiot.. Country Club? Teen, but don't drive stupid.. Bottom Line is 15 where there are cars around and inside a community where carts are permitted. Don't ever go on city streets, the law will just pull you over.. I ( Full Answer )

How install a radio in a golf cart?

Choose weatherproof, mid range voltage radio and speakers. Securely attach the radio and speakers to the frame of the cart wherever you feel is convenient and out of the way. Bolts are better if you can manage it. Seal the tops of the bolts or screws with moisture proof sealant. Connect the red w ( Full Answer )

If you are twelve can you drive a golf cart?

no. you have to be 16 or older. and have your licence's. some states allow you to drive a golf cart at age 15 if you have your permit. otherwise you have to have your licence. sorry.

How to increase the speed of electric Club Car precedent golf cart?

You can either purchase a motor controller combo or visit your local club car dealer. Some, not all club car dealers can re-program your controller for more speed. Typically you will loose low end torque when they re-program for more speed. If you can't live with that a new motor and high output con ( Full Answer )

How does a golf cart work?

It depends. There is an EZ-GO cart which is battery powered, which runs sort of like an electric car but without an engine the battery powers the wheels, or there is the gas powered which pretty much runs the same way as a lawn mower.

How do you get more speed out of an electric golf cart?

you lean a little foward. An electric golf cart can be made faster by installing a largerbattery or higher output engine. The power cables must also beupgraded to handle the increased load.

Weight of an electric golf cart?

I have a blog that can show you electric golf carts maybe you will find what are looking for here (I ) The new Powakaddy Freeway 2 weighs 9kg without battery, 11.5kg with the lithium battery and 19kg with the lead acid battery. . Most electric golf cars will ( Full Answer )

Why does your ezgo electric golf cart seem to run slow?

The battery is probably running out. A battery for an electric trolley usually only lasts around 70 rounds you should charge it up and try it next time. If the problem persists you may need a new one.

How does regenerative braking work on a golf cart?

KISS Answer: An electrical motor converts electric energy by using electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy by coursing the electricity through coils of wires that are in a magnetic field. The negative charge of the battery is repulsed by a positive charge created by magnets in the mo ( Full Answer )

What caused our electric golf cart to catch on fire?

Cigarette on the seat?? Gas can on the back? Tell us more info here...\n\nContinued charging on a dry battery pack is one of many, but the most common. Mis-wired battery pack, can do it as well.\n\nHave you checked the batteries to see if they have water in them? If totally dry, you need to fill eac ( Full Answer )

What maintenance is needed for electric golf carts?

the main thing is to keep the battery charged and check the water level in the battery..also clean the outside of the battery with baking soda and water as some cleaning fluids can be too abrasive.Keep an eye on the tyre pressure too.Spray wd40 periodically around all joints.

How do you bypass the speed limiter on a club car electric golf cart?

Normally, it can be done by closing the throttle plate or closing another plate downstream towards the engine. And oftentimes, you just have to reconnect the cable without intervening linkage. This happen when the throttle cable from the gas pedal sends a "request" to a spring-loaded linkage that it ( Full Answer )

Do miniature golf courses have golf carts?

No. Mini golf courses do not have golf carts because they are small enough to walk around at. Also, all you are carrying is a putter so there is no need for a cart to carry all your clubs!

How old to drive in a golf cart?

You must be 13 or older to drive a golf cart on the golf course and main streets in these states; Alamaba, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Although in other states i am not sure.

What is the fastest electric golf cart?

normally they all go around 20 mph unless you mod them or somtimes petrol I have an 18 hp 72 volt Alternating Current Golf Cart with a 500 amp Curtis motor controller.....It is programmed right now for low speed and it goes 0 to 27 mph in about 5 seconds! You can upgrade motor parts and build them ( Full Answer )

Can you be 11 and drive a golf cart?

Check your local laws, but on a golf course it is highly unlikely, club rules usually state the person must be 18 years old or older.

Where can you buy a pink golf cart?

Go to any golf cart dealership. A lot of people get their cartspainted in custom colors. but u can also but it and have a bodyshop painted, and it wount cost u as much as if u have it done bythem. and they probably gonna do the same thing. take it to a bodyshop... You can buy a pink golf cart from E ( Full Answer )

Do electric golf carts require 110 volt or 220 volt outlet?

Electric golf carts operate from a DC voltage supply which is supplied by batteries. These batteries have to be charged on a regular basis. The voltage the battery charger operates on is governed by the manufacturer of the battery charger. Check the nameplate on the charger to see what voltage AC is ( Full Answer )

Will charger work if Batteries on a ez go golf cart are all the way down Cart has not been charged in a year?

Yes it will work. Check the electrolyte in all the batteries and make sure they are full. Any that are low of fluid then add distilled water. Do not add tap water and only add distilled water. Once they are all full, plug the charger in and let it fully charge the batteries. If the cart will not run ( Full Answer )

How can you slow down your golf cart?

Is it gas or electric? As a factory mechanic, I have slowed many fleets down, because the conditions were unsafe for higher speeds. Most electric cars under 5 years old are changed by connecting a hand held device and changing the speed in the controller electronically Some older controllers are slo ( Full Answer )

How far does electric golf cart go on one charge?

It depends on a variety of factors 1. voltage and amperage of your system/batteries 2. gear ratio 3. tire size 4. controller type 5. weight of cart/payload 6. terrain 7. wind factor 8. stop and go factor 9. temperature 10. rolling resistance of drive train

What do golf carts run on and is it expensive?

Deep-cycle batteries are what power golf carts. However just one battery would not be enough, so they use battery packs instead. It's not expensive since you can just recharge after every use.

Will a regular 12 volt solenoid work for a club car golf cart that is gas?

Yes a old ford or old jeep style starter solenoid works fine The answer is no the automobile solenoid will not work. The one from the auto is a starter relay made to do momentary contact. The connection is to spin the starter and start the auto engine. *** The golf car solenoid is a continuous duty ( Full Answer )

Is it golf car or golf cart?

That depends on the Manufacturer. It is officially YAMAHA GOLF CARS. EZ-GO GOLF CARTS. CLUB CAR. It is an automobile by definition, and needs the respect of an automobile. It is not a toy or amusement. Too many people are injured and killed because they were reckless.

What kinds of golf cart accessories are there?

There are a plethora of accessories. You can get customized window stickers to show creativity. You can get get some comfier seats, and cup holders. This can be pricey.

When do you charge your electric golf cart?

When it either runs out of battery or when it is nearly dead! :L . Best rule of thumb is to recharge when the batteries are at about 60% capacity. You should not recharge every time you run down the street to the store, operating for 5 minutes. If you have a cumulative running time of about 20 minu ( Full Answer )

How do golf cart battery charges work?

Plug your cart in to a battery source, i.e. a power plug in your garage or something to that effect. Then, when it charges, you will be good to go! Hope this helps! :)

Would a 208cc engine work in a golf cart?

If you were able to connect it to the drive axle it possibly could. -Connections to axles and transmissions are all important in this kind of conversion.