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through ions

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In a series circuit the is the same at every point

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Q: How does electricity flow through liquids?
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Does electricity flow through all liquids?

No. Some liquids such as oil, gasoline, and alcohol do not conduct electricity.

What does electricity easily flow through?

Electricity flows easily through the easiest path,Êmetals, liquids, and small particles.Ê Electricty will not flow through porcelain, plastic, and dry air.

Can electricity flow through metal?

Yes, electricity can flow through metal.

Can electricity flow through a closed switch?

it means that electricity can flow through the switch

Why does fruit conduct electricity?

The liquids in the fruits allow electrons to flow through them and therfore create electricity. Did you know that you can power your alarm clock with just two lemons?

What does electricity flow through?

Electricity flows through the path of least resistance. Electricity will flow through anything conductive; metals, liquids, and even through small particles. Your insulators are porcelain, glass, plastics, wood and cloths. All variances of voltage is deadly. The most dangerous thingabout electricity is the current or amperage. As little as 17 miliamps can stop your heart.

Can electricity flow through silver?

Yes, it can flow through silver

Does electricity flow through wood?

No, electricity does not flow through dry wood. Dry wood is not a conductor of electricity. Metal is a conductor, dry wood is the same as rubber, electricity will not flow through dry wood or rubber.

What is Current and Static electricity?

current electricity is where electrons flow through a conductor.static electricity electrons do not flow

Does electricity flow through vinegar?

Yes, but the better question would be, "how well does electricity flow through vinegar?"

Howdoes Electricity flow through a wire?

Electricity flow through a wire as a result of the movement of electrons and hols.

Did electricity flow through the wire when the circuit was opened?

Electricity does not flow in an open circut

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