How does ender eventually beat the giant?

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Where in the computer game does Ender go after he beats the Giant?


Describe the computer game know that ender has beaten the giant?

Yes, the fantasy game recognized that he has beaten the giant and that is why he moves past the giant in the game.

What page did Ender beat up stilson?


What is the resolution of Ender's Game?

When Ender beat the Buggers in the 3rd invasion

How do you beat the achievement the end on minecraft?

All you need to do is defeat the ender dragon

When will Minecraft end?

Minecraft will never end even if you beat the Ender Dragon. People always thought that after they beat the ender dragon, the game ends but Minecraft is a game of IMAGINATION. You can build anything-----Endless Possibilities----It never ENDS.

Will the giant sequoia trees die?

Sadly everything dies eventually, including the giant sequoia.

What is an essay ender?

an essay ender is a conclusion

Why does the eye of ender hover in minecraft?

The eye of ender hovers because it follows the ender and is magical!

How do you ender pearl in minecraft?

With the ender pear you can teleport that costs you some hearts and you just need to right click, the eye of ender is used to track down the ender portal that leads to the ender dragon.

Can you talk about the violence in Ender's Game?

Well, there is bullying directed toward Ender from Ender's brother, and from kids at school, and from kids in battle school. Ender defends himself and kills two people. Both of the deaths are accidental, but are very violent on purpose. Ender knows that if he only lightly wounds either enemy that they will turn around and hurt him again... so much that his life would be in danger. There is a lot of violence against aliens as well, although Ender doesn't know that it is real. He is just trying to win the game.

What is the aims of Minecraft?

before 1.0.0 there was no aim but now the aim is to go to the end using ender pearls and beat the enderdragon

How do you spawn an ender cat in minecraft?

There is no such thing as an ender cat on Minecraft. If you are talking about an ender mite, then they sometimes have a chance to spawn when you use an ender pearl to teleport.

How do you build an ender portal?

You cant build an ender portal, unless you have a mod installed allowing you to. To find one, kill lots of endermen and lots of blazes. Use blaze rods and enderpearls to make an eye of ender. Right click with a eye of ender in hand (In regular world) and it will go in a direction and up for about 15 blocks. Then, it will drop. Sometimes you get it back and sometimes you dont. Thats why you need a lot of them. Eventually, the eye of ender will go down into the ground. Dig down but not right below you. If you do, you will fall in lava. right click all the blocks around the lava pool and that will put an eye of ender in it. Some of them will already have a eye of ender in it. when they are all filled, jump into the gooey black portal that will apear. Then kill the ender dragon

What has the author Anton Ender written?

Anton Ender has written: 'Anton Ender' -- subject(s): Catalogs

What is the Ender quintet?

A set of books about Ender Wiggins.

What is the sequel to ender's game?

Tricky question. The book that is known as the Sequel to Ender's Game is "Speaker for the Dead." This book though is Thousands of years in the future when Ender is Middle aged (due to space flight.) The true sequel to Ender's Game is a newer book called "Ender in Exile" where Ender begins his journey to what his life will eventually become.

Is giant troll better than giant demon?

no well you're wrong giant rolls beat giant demons, giant troll has better attack points and better amour

How do you trowe ender perls?

By throwing ender pearls,you click the right mouse button with the ender pearl in your hand.

What was Mazers and Enders relationship like in enders game?

Mazer is Enders teacher during enders game. he trained him to beat the formics. [SPOILER] he made ender think that he was testing him with games when ender was actually fighting in the war. They first met on Eros, the asteriod where Command School was held. In the book Ender In Exile they are companions who are close during the begining of the book before Ender leaves for Colony 1 (later named Shakespeare

How did Ender beat Bernard?

He made friends with Bernards best friend Ali and then got Ali to help him make friends with Bernard.

When did Johann Ender die?

Johann Ender died in 1854.

When was Johann Ender born?

Johann Ender was born in 1793.

When was Eduard Ender born?

Eduard Ender was born in 1822.

When did Eduard Ender die?

Eduard Ender died in 1883.